My sitting in my bed dream.

I have to blog this while it is still fresh in my mind.  Most of this dream takes place in my bedroom.  (Keep your minds out of the gutter people…it’s not THAT kind of dream.)  In my dream I get up to blow my nose, look out the window to find it is snowing the motherload of snow outside.  I go back to bed and tell my husband “It is snowing buckets!”

At this point a tv appears in the bedroom and a commercial comes on for this napsack made by a diaper company.  Whilst it is intended for mothers to store diapers in, it is so much more than just a mere diaper bag.  It seems it is a great all purpose waterproof tote.  You can take it camping, use it to store your clothes, food items, as a raingear headcover.  And for just 19.95 you can get double the amount if you order right now!  Magically I have one appear and the hubby says “Put it on your head.”, so I do.  He tells me I either look Amish or like a nun.  Then we start singing Amazing Grace with the Amish and Catholics who are now gathered in the bedroom.  I am still sitting in my bed.

At this point I start working on editing photos from my bed, when I learn that my son can’t get the tailgate closed on a truck.  So, with my nifty waterproof napsack still on my head (just in case it rains), we decide to rescue him.  First, my husband has to go to the fruit store though, because evidently, we needed some fruit.  And even though we are driving in the car, I am still, you guessed it, sitting in my bed.

I then awoke from my dream, got up to blow my nose and looked out the window to find it snowing the motherload of snow outside.



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