A night out with The Shield dream

The dream starts out with me and my biker friends at a bar for a pool tournament.  Everyone is having a great time until The Shield walks in.  (The Shield is a trio of wrestling renegades who claim to fight against injustice in the WWE.) They are all decked out in their wrestling garb which typically consists of black vests, black military style britches, black boots, etc.

Our first thought is that there must be a WWE show in town somewhere.  But they appear to still be in character….right down to their attitude and behavior.  Fans approach them and the trio immediately goes  into vigilante mode, threatening to take them down.  A couple of bikers tell them to knock of the rollplaying because they are not at the WWE now, and they should get out of character immediately before someone gets hurt.

The Shield then turns their attention my entire group of friends and a fight ensues, which moves to the outside.  The Shield against 3 bikers.  I need to leave, since one of the bikers is my hubby….but the only way out (due to the crowd trying to watch the fight) is through the Dr. office attached to this bar.  Luckily they are still open at 7 pm.  While outside, I can’t see anyone through the crowds of people, so I just keep walking.  Suddenly I hear music off to my left, and there on a porch is Roman Reigns (one of The Shield), hair cut down playing a guitar.  (He tells me he wears extensions for the shows.)

I walk back to the bar and enter again through the Dr office to find all my biker friends back, a little scraped up, but none worse for the wear.  The Shield is nowhere to be found.  To celebrate, we all go outside to watch a parade.  While out there, I see Roman Reigns and tell him….”Dude, this is real life, don’t let your character/wrestling persona cross over into real life, because that is crossing the line.  When that happens, it’s time to find another career path…You should really consider music, because I heard you play guitar.  Also, stop wearing those damn extensions…if you want long hair, grow it out.”

Then, the parade approaches…..it ends up being a fire truck, a bunch of people walking and a motorcycle cop….only about half block long, and they didn’t even throw candy!!!!


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