Things my dad taught me

He taught me how to dance by standing me on his feet when I was little.

He taught me how to ride a bike in the alley by pushing me and letting go.

He taught me that it is very important in life to sign your name using your middle initial (it looks better that way).

He taught me how to write a check when I was 12 years old (because someday it will come in handy).

He tried to teach me how to bait a hook.

He taught me how to help skin a rabbit and pluck a pheasant.

He taught me how to tell a joke or two.

He taught me it is possible to be strong, yet soft at the same time.

He taught me in his last week, that now matter how bad you feel, you can still have a sense of humor up to the very end.

He taught me so much more than this.

He was my dad, the epitome of coolness.  The world is definitely a better place for having known him and I still miss him terribly.  Life has never been the same, that is for sure.

Happy fathers day up in heaven daddy.

I miss your jokes and your silliness.

I miss breakfast on the weekends.

I really miss the face…the one you made without your teeth.

But most of all, I just miss you.  You were definitely one of a kind.

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