My friend and her blind date dream

I had a dream about a friend of mine last night…

I was picking her up for a party, because it was on my way and that way her sister wouldn’t have to double back to give her a ride. I found her walking out of a drugstore, she had just bought a laxative. wth? Anyway she was dressed kind of like a doll or a clown.  Wearing a black pigtail wig, polka dotted black and white skirt, white button down blouse, mary jane shoes and knee high socks.

Seems she had a blind date with a guy who does puppet shows/clowning for young children and that was part of the date, dressing up for his show.

Kinda creepy, and a bit puzzling.  I am going to attribute it to my allergy meds, or perhaps I need to stop eating peanut butter before bed.


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