6 years

6 years ago, you left this earth as we know it

Such a loss I’ve never truly felt and never was so sad

Because no matter how old a little girl gets

She’s never done needing her dad

I feel your presence in every corner

I hear your voice at every turn

Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry

And often the very soul of me burns

What a 6 years it has been without you

The greatest man to ever grace

The presence of everyone who knew you

On this earthly place

6 years ago you left this earth as we know it

And I have never felt so sad

Because I lost my friend, my hero, my confidante

You were so much more than dad.

Miss you Daddy!

The Beautiful Tinkerbell

My fight, my battle, was never with you or against you, it was always for you.


To keep you safe, to keep you on the right track, to keep you from making bad choices

And to protect you from the possible bad influences of others.


For you, the one who I thought was most like me.


You had the ambition, the drive, the brains.


Perhaps I did too much, perhaps not enough.


But it was my duty as a mother, and with a mother’s love that no child can understand.

A love that is forever, although sometimes harsh, often misunderstood

Yet always there and always unconditional.


And I feel I may have lost a fight, but I have not lost the battle.


Because you are flesh of my flesh, and there is a bit of me in you still.

And you are forever in my heart.


The one who I thought was most like me.


The Beautiful Tinkerbell.