My dream about my dad.

My dream started at the house we all grew up in (aka 548), and all of us kids were standing in the kitchen. The house was pretty much torn up, so I am guessing it was in it’s pre-tearing down stage after Walgreens purchased it.  I had just finished reattaching the old brown and white paneling on the kitchen walls.  My brother Will said “Nice job, I like what you did.”  Then, we started talking about Dad, who had been in the hospital, something to do with his hip.  Upon discharge he would be going back to the little red house behind the old dairy queen.  (The house the folks bought when Walgreens took over 548.)  We were all worried about who would take care of him, since I don’t live basically down the avenue from that house anymore.

We decided it was time to leave 548 and come up with a plan.  After walking outside, we turned around to find the back porch was completely gone and the kitchen door was boarded up.  A car then pulls in the driveway and it is my niece, her fiance, my nephew and his wife, their mother and her hubby.  When my niece’s fiance gets out of the car, all these papers blow out into the alley at 548.  “What the heck is that?” we all asked. To which my niece replies “They are all car insurance cards….he saves every one of them!  Uggghhh.”

We all get in our respective vehicles and drive to the little red house.  While there, we are talking to someone about whether or not dad will need care after he gets home.  In the shadows of the kitchen we see someone in a hat with his back to us.  At first I think it’s my brother Will.  He turns around and it’s our Dad!  He looks great, wearing his old light colored 10 gallon hat, a white shirt, black cowboy tie, black pants and his black cowboy boots.  He walks over, standing straight, not limping anymore.  I looked at him and said “Daddy!  What are you doing here already?  We were so worried…I thought you were dying.”  He gave me a big old hug and said “I’m here to tell you I’m ok and so is your mom.  Everything is going to be fine.  You don’t have to worry so much anymore.”  In the middle of the hug, I woke up.  It felt so real, I was looking around for him. My dad passed away in 2007.

My working, city bus, cross dressers at the mall dream

I used to work in an independent drug store, which finally closed early this year, and that is where my dream begins.  I am there, helping the owner clean out the store before I go to my “real” job.  While on the way to my “real” job, I get a call from a former co-worker who tells me “I really miss you, but it’s all over facebook that you are getting fired and nobody is happy about it.”  So, in anticipation, I schedule an interview for a medical office, which is to take place at a shopping mall.  Interview scheduled for 10 am, however my car is in the shop, so I have to take the bus.  I have to walk about a mile to the bus stop and also to the mall from where the bus drops me off.  It is summer, but when I get off the bus, I have to drag my case on wheels through a mile of snow.  I arrive early and decide to go to Sears and check out their “store must close sale”.  While in there, I find my interviewer talking with a potential candidate for dr.  This guy is a younger version of Sylvester Stallone mixed with Robert Downey Jr.  While in there, I notice the floor in Sears is filthy, so I grab a broom and start sweeping away the mess.  Since I haven’t found any real deals at Sears, I walk around the mall to kill a little time.  About 2 stores down from the Sears, in front of the pretzel place  is a group of people…..They are all men dressed in drag and one has his face and beard painted smurf blue.   THAT is when my alarm went off.

My haircut, car, ducati dream.

I am out of town for a presentation and need to get my hair trimmed.  Mind you, my hair is very short, so a trim is practically nothing.   I find a salon that can fit me in, and drive my shiny fancy black car.  (I don’t own a fancy black car in real life) to the salon, which is located in a busy shopping center.  The gal seems very nice and she trims not even 1/2″ off my hair…barely enough to warrant sweeping the floor.  Whilst she is trimming, my sisters walk in and sit at the back of the salon.  One sister doesn’t acknowledge me, while the other sister waves.  (Not a surprise)  I strike up a conversation and we reminisce about the days of our mother’s salon and the stripper that appeared there for her 55th birthday.  All is good until I get the total for my trim….$75.00.  I was livid…. “I am not paying $75.00 for a trim when I can get a color and complete haircut for $65.00 back at home! ” The gal informed me she was the manager and could charge whatever she wanted.  By that time, there were several people coming in for their appointments….droves, actually.  I turned around and informed them “If you are coming for a haircut, the going price is $75.00 for a trim….look at the floor.  THAT is what she is charging me for that little tiny bit of hair.”  Everyone walked out and I only had to pay $15.00.  Then, I can’t find my car in the parking lot, so I hit my horn button on my remote.  The horn goes off, but instead of my car I find I now have a Ducati complete with a sidecar. (In real life I own a Yamaha).