My haircut, car, ducati dream.

I am out of town for a presentation and need to get my hair trimmed.  Mind you, my hair is very short, so a trim is practically nothing.   I find a salon that can fit me in, and drive my shiny fancy black car.  (I don’t own a fancy black car in real life) to the salon, which is located in a busy shopping center.  The gal seems very nice and she trims not even 1/2″ off my hair…barely enough to warrant sweeping the floor.  Whilst she is trimming, my sisters walk in and sit at the back of the salon.  One sister doesn’t acknowledge me, while the other sister waves.  (Not a surprise)  I strike up a conversation and we reminisce about the days of our mother’s salon and the stripper that appeared there for her 55th birthday.  All is good until I get the total for my trim….$75.00.  I was livid…. “I am not paying $75.00 for a trim when I can get a color and complete haircut for $65.00 back at home! ” The gal informed me she was the manager and could charge whatever she wanted.  By that time, there were several people coming in for their appointments….droves, actually.  I turned around and informed them “If you are coming for a haircut, the going price is $75.00 for a trim….look at the floor.  THAT is what she is charging me for that little tiny bit of hair.”  Everyone walked out and I only had to pay $15.00.  Then, I can’t find my car in the parking lot, so I hit my horn button on my remote.  The horn goes off, but instead of my car I find I now have a Ducati complete with a sidecar. (In real life I own a Yamaha).

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