My working, city bus, cross dressers at the mall dream

I used to work in an independent drug store, which finally closed early this year, and that is where my dream begins.  I am there, helping the owner clean out the store before I go to my “real” job.  While on the way to my “real” job, I get a call from a former co-worker who tells me “I really miss you, but it’s all over facebook that you are getting fired and nobody is happy about it.”  So, in anticipation, I schedule an interview for a medical office, which is to take place at a shopping mall.  Interview scheduled for 10 am, however my car is in the shop, so I have to take the bus.  I have to walk about a mile to the bus stop and also to the mall from where the bus drops me off.  It is summer, but when I get off the bus, I have to drag my case on wheels through a mile of snow.  I arrive early and decide to go to Sears and check out their “store must close sale”.  While in there, I find my interviewer talking with a potential candidate for dr.  This guy is a younger version of Sylvester Stallone mixed with Robert Downey Jr.  While in there, I notice the floor in Sears is filthy, so I grab a broom and start sweeping away the mess.  Since I haven’t found any real deals at Sears, I walk around the mall to kill a little time.  About 2 stores down from the Sears, in front of the pretzel place  is a group of people…..They are all men dressed in drag and one has his face and beard painted smurf blue.   THAT is when my alarm went off.

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