My SOA,movie badass spokesmen dream

I am on an episode of SOA (Sons of Anarchy).  In this particular episode, Jax is trying to come up with a “legitimate” business besides their usual gun running, drug cartel, and escort businesses.  In other words, they are looking for something a little more “wholesome” to kind of throw up a curtain of smoke.  The business they choose is a pain patch business.  Now, these pain patches actually detect the specific areas where the pain is originating from.  They don’t actually deliver any medication into the body, but rather pinpoint the area with heat sensitivity, and thereby relaxing the area.  They call them Hotspot Pain Detectors.  They have to get approval from the company, which was where I came in.  As their character reference, I had to explain to the distributor what fine upstanding young men the Sons are, and that they were actually getting a bad rap.  They were not in fact, criminals or involved in any illegal goings on, and wanted to prove to the public that they were indeed honest businessmen.  We met outside a building in a back alley, and I was given start up money in the shadows.  The company was a little leery about having any of the Sons be spokesmen for the product, so we hired 3 fellas to promote the product.  Our spokesmen were Dennis Farina, James Gandolfini and John Goodman. They filmed this commercial and showed the product.  We had to set up an area outside of the clubhouse, complete with phone line, etc.  I also was in charge of publicity shots, which involved a picture of Juice sitting on his bike (kickstand down of course) and Jax behind him.  Their arms were outstretched in the air, and the theme was “You too, can be painfree”. Within hours of the commercial airing, people were buying the product.