My Hugh Jackman in the kitchen dream

The dream starts in the house I grew up in.  I walk downstairs from the bedrooms with my grandkids to find my sister with her grandson sitting at the table talking with Hugh Jackman while my mother fixes him dinner.  Suddenly, he asks if I am up for being with the Xmen, because there are some sinister people in the neighborhood.  Well, yeah, I’m down with that.  It seems my mutant talent is being invisible and making people do things with my mind.  (For instance, my sister said in the dream “My grandson will cry if someone makes this monkey scream.”  So I did that with my mind and the kid didn’t even flinch.)  My daughter would accompany us.  Her mutant talent is touching items that others have come in contact with and reading their thoughts that way.  She can fly and travel at high rates of speed, and I can levitate.  You see, there was a rather large band of evil-doers disguised as elderly people on a field trip from their nursing home.  They were roaming the area in their bus, wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting public.  We tracked them down to a museum where there was a rather large gathering and they were scheduled to set off a bomb of some sort to kidnap a rather influential artist as well as steal some art.  We find a rather suspicious looking individual looking at a jewel display, so my daughter strikes up a little conversation with him.  He abruptly leaves.  She then touches an object that he had been in contact with and learned he knew we were with the Xmen and was planning on hunting us down at precisely 9:30 pm.  We then follow some other individuals, and I levitate above them and make them tell me who they were with and where they were going.  Wolverine then comes running up the stairs and we decide the fellow who is hunting us down at 9:30 pm is the ring leader, so we must go trap him at the location he is going to (which happens to be the house I grew up in).  Just as we round up the bad guys, my dog licks me in the face and wakes me up.

A Christmas Memory

Visiting with my little brother (even though, technically he isn’t so little anymore) last night we reminisced on something.  I asked him “Willy, (I will always call him Willy), do you remember that Christmas when ‘Santa’ was stomping around on the roof outside your room and you and Ambrose came running down the stairs?”  His eyes got big as saucers, I swear, and he was “Oh, yeah, I remember that.”  So, I told the story for his daughter to hear.

When Ambrose and Willy were little guys, probably about 9 or so, you know that age where you want to believe in Santa, but at the same time, you want proof.  It was Christmas Eve and those two would not go to sleep for anything.  A bunch of us “older” people were sitting at the kitchen table (the usual gathering place for the Roland clan), and mom kept telling them Santa would not come until they were asleep.  But they would NOT go to sleep.  So, “someone” started stomping around on the roof.  The two boys came racing down the stairs….looked all around the table, carefully counting, trying to figure out who was missing from the table.  Their eyes got big as saucers, their mouths wide open, because everyone was still at the table.  They both then stated “Uh….we’re going to bed now!” and ran back up the stairs like 2 scared little kids.  I then asked my little brother if he knew who that was on the roof.  He had never been able to figure it out.  I told him it was our brother David.  He shimmied up the drain on the side of the porch, stomped around on the roof, then shimmied back down and took his place at the table without even breaking a sweat.  Then, we got to tell his daughter about her uncle David and what a cool guy he was.  Our brother David passed in 1987…I still can’t believe he kept that little incident a secret from those boys until now. It was quite a surprise to my little brother, and it was nice to see the little gleam in his eye.  Merry Christmas to us from David Roland.


My Hugh Jackman/Coatimundi/Work dream

I got a role in a Hugh Jackman movie, so we had to go to Australia.  While there, we stayed in this apartment in this huge complex.  I’m thinking it was a motel of sorts.  At one point we were outside with Hugh and his lovely wife, discussing the movie, having some drinks, when all of a sudden this girl walks up to him and tries to plant a big ole kiss on his face.  He pushed her away saying “I get this a lot, and I always tell you gals, I am married.”  Suddenly, we hear a commotion in the back on this huge patio/deck, so we all run out to see what is going on.  Some idiot had a wild coatimundi on the deck, and had a contest to see who was dumb enough to put their face in the cage.  A guy was wearing a motorcycle helmet, protective goggles, the whole 9 yards.  He said “Oh, she’s a cutie, I’ll do it.”  Well, he put his face in there and that cute little animal went wild and at one point grabbed onto his helmet/goggles and he was running all round with this coatimundi flailing around his head.  He got his helmet off and escaped unharmed.  As we walk back into the hotel/apartment complex, we are surrounded by dogs.  There are dogs everywhere…and dog fur.  On the way down the hall, I suddenly find myself at a scene from the movie set at my place of employment, which  in the dream is a hospital setting.  We are filing records for maternity patients, when suddenly we are alerted that there is a 63 yr old pregnant patient coming in.  Turns out she is a coworker.  She is completely distraught and in disbelief, and has been informed she must stop work immediately due to her age and condition.  Another coworker believes this is false, and it turns out that coworker was stealing motorcycles, and selling them to buy alcohol.  She was caught by means of a sting operation involving bikers, motocycles and booze.  Then, suddenly we are outside, and Hugh Jackman alerts everyone there is a torrential downpour coming and to seek shelter.  Meanwhile, out front, people are drunk, driving all over the grounds, gathered on the lawn, mothers are letting their children climb all over my furniture and tear apart my throws and pillows.   I can’t help but think “I will be so glad when this movie is done so I can go back home to my own house.”