A Christmas Memory

Visiting with my little brother (even though, technically he isn’t so little anymore) last night we reminisced on something.  I asked him “Willy, (I will always call him Willy), do you remember that Christmas when ‘Santa’ was stomping around on the roof outside your room and you and Ambrose came running down the stairs?”  His eyes got big as saucers, I swear, and he was “Oh, yeah, I remember that.”  So, I told the story for his daughter to hear.

When Ambrose and Willy were little guys, probably about 9 or so, you know that age where you want to believe in Santa, but at the same time, you want proof.  It was Christmas Eve and those two would not go to sleep for anything.  A bunch of us “older” people were sitting at the kitchen table (the usual gathering place for the Roland clan), and mom kept telling them Santa would not come until they were asleep.  But they would NOT go to sleep.  So, “someone” started stomping around on the roof.  The two boys came racing down the stairs….looked all around the table, carefully counting, trying to figure out who was missing from the table.  Their eyes got big as saucers, their mouths wide open, because everyone was still at the table.  They both then stated “Uh….we’re going to bed now!” and ran back up the stairs like 2 scared little kids.  I then asked my little brother if he knew who that was on the roof.  He had never been able to figure it out.  I told him it was our brother David.  He shimmied up the drain on the side of the porch, stomped around on the roof, then shimmied back down and took his place at the table without even breaking a sweat.  Then, we got to tell his daughter about her uncle David and what a cool guy he was.  Our brother David passed in 1987…I still can’t believe he kept that little incident a secret from those boys until now. It was quite a surprise to my little brother, and it was nice to see the little gleam in his eye.  Merry Christmas to us from David Roland.



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