Wise old owl in a tree dream

This dream starts with me trying to call my mom on the phone.  It’s important that I speak to her because I am calling in sick for work.  The person on the other end of the phone tells me to find the wise old owl in the tree and I will find my mom.   I walk and walk until I come to this huge tree on the property of what appears to be a farm of some sort.  This old owl pops his/her head out of the hole at the top of a mighty oak and tells me my mom has been in the tree with the owl for some time and is now one with the tree.  While I can’t see my mom, I talk to her and hear her speaking back to me, although I don’t recall what was said.

After speaking to my mom, the owl disappears and I am in a barn of sorts, and there are people everywhere.  It seems they are there for some sort of festivity and I see my siblings, my dad, my kids, and my grandkids.  I look out the big barn door and see my youngest grandson with my daughter.  They are all dressed up, B in a little shirt and tie, looking like a little man.  He comes and sits in my lap outside the barn on the grass, and we fall over laughing.  He tells me he is going to a party at the house across the way.  Then, his grandpa comes out from behind a house dressed in a white tank top and a black mesh shirt (NOT a good look) and old ripped jeans.  I send B off with his momma and say to his grandpa “You know, years ago I would have been afraid to say this, but not anymore.  Where the hell did you get that outfit?  You look like an 80’s lipsyncer, or someone in an Olivia Newton John video.  You look terrible.  You will never keep a woman dressed in a fishnet shirt, what the hell were you thinking?  Now go dress like a man and stop embarrassing yourself.”


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