My baby on the farm, werewolf in the woods, searching for a drugstore dream

I’m at my aunt and uncle’s farm in Iowa.  There is an old building (shed, barn) to the left of the house that has been turned into a guesthouse with a nursery.  Near where the pond was is now a grassy area for the sheep to graze, but also filled with outdoor furniture around the perimeter.  In the old building is someone from my workplace and she is supposed to be tending the baby lambies, but is also taking care of a baby.  I go out to help her, and we feed the baby lambies, then have a nice little visit sitting on the furniture while taking care of the baby.

Suddenly, I am in this large wooded area outside this gigantic old brick house.  This man approaches me and informs me he was bitten by a werewolf and thinks he will change with the full moon, but not to worry because he is a nice werewolf.  He is looking for the one who bit him, because if he kills her before he changes completely he will be cured.  Suddenly, the moon starts to rise, and he is beginning to change, although it is a very slow process and appears to be very painful for him.  He insists he will fight it off in order to find the one who bit him.  He jumps into a tree, and there is a scuffle.

I see he is in the tree with the one who bit him….she has turned almost completely and he is in danger.  I am surprised when the left side of my face starts to turn silver, yet know I cannot be hurt by these werewolves.  I pop a silver bullet in my 6 shooter and climb the tree.  Handing him the gun, I say “You know what you must do in order to be saved.  You are not completely changed, so it’s not too late.”  He shoots the biter with the silver bullet.

I then know I must leave, and go into the huge house, but the only way out is the fire escape.  I climb that and start walking, as I pass everything itf frosts up.  I still have my gun with another silver bullet in it, and I’m looking for the drugstore.