My motorcycle ridin’, Lorne Greene, Q on the drums dream

We are all riding our motorcycles home from somewhere when we come to a building.  We are in the building and the only way out is to get off your bike, go into a room on one of the top floors and stand side by side (in a pair) up against this wall in a small compartment of this room.  You have to stand facing the wall, with your hands on the wall, and upon closing your eyes, you “drop” to the exit floor where your motorcycle will be for you to pick up and ride off.  Mine, however is not there.  “Quick” my husband says “We gotta go out back.”  We go out back to the picnic table area, and up walks our uncle with a piece of yellow paper.  We take the paper and walk around front, and out there is a new motorcycle with my sidecar.  It’s a big girl bike!  We ride that off down the highway, until we come to a farmhouse.

In this farmhouse is a family that very closely resembles my own.  I suddenly realize that many of these people are my siblings and we are playing parts in a movie.  In this movie, the characters are trying to get their father (played by Lorne Greene) to get back to the farm.   He has been in ill health, and they need to get him to see a doctor.   They come up with the ploy that one of the eldest brothers (played by Q of Impractical Jokers) has taken ill with some sort of mystery ailment.  So, they send word to the Ponderosa that this sibling is very ill, and Pa and Hoss need to come back asap.

I am sent to fetch them, since we have not heard back in the next24 hours.  I get to the Ponderosa (which is actually set in the house I grew up in, but on a big ranch).  Pa (Lorne Greene) is so distraught that he hadn’t slept yet.  Hoss (for lack of a better name, since this guy looked just like Dan Blocker), said Pa was afraid to leave the house.  We finally got them to go, with them on their horses and me on my motorcycle.  First I called ahead to warn the family we were on the way.  My actual brother Mike answered….”Get everyone in place” I said…”We are on the way and should be there in a few hours.” (Fast horses).   Well, my brother informs me that the family is at an audition where they are singing, and Q is playing the drums.  Q, to my surprise, in the dream kicked arse on the drums!!!

The family gets back to the farmhouse, as I had arrived before Pa and Hoss (evidently their horses were not as fast as my motorcycle).  We quickly were trying to devise a plan, as I was transplanting hostas and repacking suitcases.  But Pa and Hoss arrived before we could get Q back into bed looking like death warmed over.  So, my sister shouts out “It’s a miracle!  The Dr. just looked at him and said it’s a miracle.  Yesterday he was within days of his deathbed, but today, he is all but cured!”  And then we had a party.


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