My George Clooney got Married dream

Well, with all the hub bub going around about George Clooney’s recent engagement and wedding, (I can hear the women crying now), it just figures I’d have a dream about it.  I don’t even know why, because as dashing as he is, I’m not crazy over the guy.

George Clooney is my roommate in this dream.  Not only is he my roommate, but he’s my cousin.  He’s rushing around looking for his tux and trying to find the ring.  I’m like “What’s goin on George?  You nervous?”  And he says “OMG…I am nervous as all get out!  What if I forget the ring?  What if I forget what to say?  What if she changes her mind?”  I say “Hey, buddy, it’ll be fine.  Take a deep breath and try not to stress dude.”

Suddenly we hear noises outside, and there are women from all over the neighborhood.  “Hey, Taffy, why didn’t you tell us George was your roommate?…Can we see him?”  I said “Nope, sorry ladies, but he’s spoken for!”

Just as we are getting his things together for him to sneak out the back to get to the airport, he jumps through the floor and ends up in a rocky, mountainous area with Scott Bakula and they are both wearing leather biker clothes.  They both look at me and say “Hey, Taffy, it’s time to wake up now!”  And that is exactly what I did.


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