My Christopher Walken at Work Dream

I’m at work, along with my coworkers, and we are having a potluck.  Suddenly Christopher Walken appears.  It seems we need retrained on how to answer the phone, so the company has hired him to do so.  First of all, we must answer the phone with a strong east coast accent, which we have to practice.  We sound like we are doing a very bad impersonation of Rosie ODonnell.  Once the phones start to ring we must answer like this “Gordy’s used furniture, ya wanna buy a chair or what?”  Once we have mastered that, Christopher turns to me and says “I am your father.”  It’s decided right then we need to celebrate with cake and a motorcycle ride.  I can’t ride in my work clothes, so I grab my jeans.  The bathrooms are full up, the breakroom is full up, so I have to run to the printer room and change, hoping nobody needs to print out any reports.  I then take off on my bike (which has a sidecar) down an alley surrounded by brick walls, with twists and turns that eventually ends up being an underground connection to a mansion.