My Colorado, Magic Mike dance show, electric skillet, stray dog, smart car dream.

Here I am wide awake at 05:30 trying to make sense out of this dream that I woke up from an hour ago.
My friend B and I are driving to Colorado. After our 12 hour drive straight through we pull in to our destination, when we notice that the venue next to our motel is having the Magic Mike dancers, with special guest appearance by Channing Tatum AND they are having margarita specials. I said “Ya know….you seen one male dancer, you seen ‘em all. But……this is Channing Tatum.” So, we went.
Cut to the driveway of the house I grew up in. (Which, in real life, no longer exists…it is now a Walgreens.) We pull in and start unpacking the car and putting things in the garage. We unpack the electric skillet we borrowed, (that we took with us to fry potatoes in), and it was discovered that the cord wasn’t with the skillet. So now we must commence looking for the cord. As we are standing in the driveway looking through every piece of every article of everything we had packed away, we hear the sound of something dragging approaching in the parking lot across the alley. It’s a stray little white dog dragging his chain and just running to beat the band.
We get him into the yard, and finally are able to hook him to the dog lead in the yard. He has tags, but only rabies tags. Nothing with an owner of any kind. So, he hangs out with us for a while until we decide what to do.
Next door, we find a guy in a blue uniform. I find this odd, since that is not who used to live there. The folks that used to live there were a little odd, and liked to “collect” things. So, I said “Who are you? You aren’t the people that burned women’s shoes in the driveway.” Suddenly, we hear an awful noise and see a flash across the street behind the gas station. The guy in the blue uniform says “I’m the new maintenance man, and I just got paged that the doctor’s office across the street blew up, so I gotta run!” Then, we find the cord to the electric skillet, which gets returned to it’s owner. It was in a pocket in the inside of the back door of the vehicle.
We then decide it’s time to head back to our own homes, but instead of taking the regular route, we drive down John Deere Road headed in the opposite direction. We are headed west, and are in the left lane, when suddenly a vehicle in the right lane crossed the line and almost hits us. We catch up, and I lean out the window…much to my surprise the vehicle has transformed into a smart car. I flip em off and yell “Looks like your car is the only smart thing about you people!” Then I woke up. Perhaps I need to cross honey nut cheerios off my late night snack list.

My Criminal Minds, I Got An Apartment Dream

I dreamed I was in an episode of Criminal Minds.  It was a particularly disturbing episode.  I was playing a Doctor….a therapist of some sort for the department, but I also helped investigate.  At one point I was assisting Reed.  It seems he had been drugged and woke up in the morning with a character played by Lily Tomlin.  She claimed they had a one night stand, during at which time her friend went missing.  She had several texts stating as such.  Reed, of course, did not believe that he had any relations with this person, but did agree to assist her in finding her friend.  In the meantime, together we were going to work on finding out who this Lily Tomlin character really was and why she would claim such things.  Could it be that she was the one that drugged him?

Cut to having lunch with my sister when I get a page from Hotch regarding his son.  We have to go find him.  Eventually we do find the boy, and I end up counseling him and his dad both.  Whatever it was involved a man in a black sedan.  While I am counseling Hotch, a wealthy looking woman comes in demanding that Hotch goes to dinner with her.  She assumes I am his girlfriend and insists I must wear a dress if I am to attend.  I informed her I do not wear dresses, and I am not a girlfriend, but rather am a Doctor.  She insults my wardrobe, and my pierced cartilage on my ear, and says “What kind of Doctor dresses like that?”  I was wearing jeans, a tank top and a jacket.  She then says “If you do not wear a dress you will not attend with me!”  I said “Well, listen lady, I don’t know who the hell you are, but if you don’t like my piercing, you sure as hell won’t like my tattoos.”  I then told her I was a Psychologist and insinuated she should go screw herself, because nobody would want to do that for her.

Then, I am at an apartment, and the landlady shows up to collect the rent.  It was a very nice apartment, but I had no idea what I was doing there.  You see, I have a nice house already.  So, I explain to her there must be some mistake, because I have no clue why I am there.  She said “The rent is 600 dollars this month.”  I said “Well, come back later, when the people that really live here might be home, because I don’t even know where I am.”

Skippy the Peanut Butter Dog

A long time ago….almost 13 years, at least 12, my sister went on a mission for me. I found a puppy on Petfinder down near Keokuk, IA. He was half bassett hound/half cocker spaniel. My sis went to check him out while she was down visiting family. This poor puppy was being fostered out (with the best of intentions by the adoption agency) in a house that unbeknownst to that agency was just littered in filth and squallor. Well, needless to say, my sis took him right out of that for me and brought him here. He was the funniest looking, yet cutest pup I ever laid eyes on. He had long hair, short legs and very very long ears. My youngest named him. Actually she named him about 8 times in about 10 minutes before settling on Skippy. You see, he was the color of peanut butter. We saved him that day.
Poor little Skippy missed his litter mates, and did not like being by himself at night. Skippy would cry at night, so I would spend every night for a couple months rocking him to sleep and singing “Molly Malone”, just like I did with my kids.
We had another dog at the time, and her name was Allie. She was older, and she took Skippy under her wing and they became buddies. Not long after that we had to put our Allie girl to sleep because she couldn’t walk anymore. Skippy saved us that day.
Skippy got attacked by another dog once. The neighbor jumped the fence to rescue him. He saved Skippy that day.
Skippy was long on ears and short on legs. His ears were so long, they would get in his water and food bowl. My youngest would put his ears up in her pony tail holders. He didn’t seem to mind.
He was unlike any other dog I have ever had…He never had accidents in the house as a puppy, and he was housebroken in 2 weeks. He didn’t beg (much), rarely barked, never growled and never howled that bassett hound howl (unless he wanted something or was calling for Emily). He could speak, he could shake, but he couldn’t sit pretty. (His legs were too short.) He minded, he listened, he walked well on a leash. He hated car rides….oh how he hated car rides. He would pant and whimper and shake. Never have I had a dog that hated the car so much. He loved all little kids, and would let them do anything to him. There was not a mean bone in his short legged body. But most of all, Skippy was perfectly happy just being a dog.
Skippy was getting old, and started getting old man problems. He had fatty tumors and skin tags, skin allergies, and he was getting heavy. Each time I would take him to the vet, I would ask…”Doc, is he still doing ok?” Doc would tell me…”He’s doing fine, he’s just getting old and has old man problems.”
Well, those old man problems finally took their toll on Skippy. His heart suddenly started failing and his abdomen filled with fluid. This time I couldn’t save Skippy. I made the best choice I could make….I know in my head it was the right thing. But, I’m having trouble convincing my heart of that….because it is breaking. And suddenly I feel like I’m 12 years old. I will miss Skippy the Peanut Butter Dog, and I will miss him and skippy 003