My Lost Ghost in the Living Room Dream

Last night was chalk full of dreams.  This one involved my mom, the house I grew up in, and the ghosts that inhabited that house.

I was asleep in my old room at 548, the house I grew up in.  We were waiting for the folks to get home from their New Years Eve celebration.  I come out to find my mom sitting in her rocking chair next to the big 3 windows in the living room.  I took a seat on the couch next to her.

She said “Can you tell?  The spirits are not happy with the work that was done.”  I said “What do you mean?”  She replied “Just wait, you will see.”  Suddenly, the vase that was sitting on the little end table between the couch and the rocking chair went toppling to the ground.  She said “See?  They are upset this time.  They won’t hurt you, but they miss the house the way it was.  They need somewhere to go.”

Suddenly, off to my left, I catch a glimpse of someone running past me.  Dressed in brown, this someone ran through the doorway into what used to be my old room, and what was eventually my parent’s room.

“Mom, did you see that?”  Mom said, yes and she was looking for somewhere else to go.  “She’s lost” said Mother.  “She wants to follow you.  She’s just lost.”

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