My German Intelligence looking for The Brady Bunch dream

I’m a grown Marcia Brady, and I’m bringing the grandkids with me to visit the family.  We are hiding from German Intelligence, because they seek my little Rosary bracelet made of Connemara marbles from Ireland.  They insist it has hidden powers.

I get inside the Brady home, and everyone is there but Greg.  He’s been gone for years, and they think he’s dead.  I tell the folks that these people are coming, and they want my Rosary bracelet.  Mike Brady (my dad in the dream….yes he was alive in my dream) decides he will wear it on his wrist and tuck it up inside his sleeve.  Surely, he explained, they would never think a man would be wearing it.

They arrive, and storm the house, unsuccessful in their search.  They decide to leave.

In the meantime, there is an announcement that they are looking for people to do a ghost hunt on a property, and we find this quite interesting, so we go to the property to find someone in some type of armor walking up and down an alley, clanking some sort of metal staff along the fence.  We say “Why hide behind your metal? ”  A few moments later, this little elderly man comes out.  He explains he has been guarding the property for years, as have his ancestors, and he parks cars also.  He meets with several of his fellow car parkers on a picnic table.  He decided he has given up guarding the ghostly grounds, and must pass it on to someone younger.

Then, suddenly, back at the Brady household, someone falls through the doorway.  It is Greg….He has been on a top secret mission as a spy, and has been missing for years.  He had suffered some sort of terrible trauma, had been in a coma, and awoke, but is still in bad shape.

As I go in to see him, there is something coming across his portable radio.  He hooks up my cell phone to this device, and the call is from Mark Henry (The WWE Wrestler), who is also a spy but masquerading as a truck driver.  He has a special shipment, and needs to coordinate a meeting place.

Once Greg wakes up, we all pose for pictures.



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