My Elephant in the Driveway Dream

We have to get somewhere…’s imperative.  There is a sick or injured grandchild that we have to pick up and get to the doctor, and then get back to the apartment I used to live in.  We can’t risk running out of gas in the car, or even getting a flat tire, so we have to take an elephant.  Yes, that’s right…an elephant.  Because, as we know, elephants can get through anything.

Our elephant is really big, and a bit stubborn, but we make it to our destination, get the grandchild, make it to the appointment and then back to the apartment where I used to live.  There I find my sister and my kids waiting.  The place looks the same, yet different.  I go upstairs to find my old neighbor, but she isn’t there.

Suddenly, we hear neighbors yelling….”There’s an elephant in that driveway!” I look outside, and sure enough, our ride is still waiting outside…tied to the tree, just grazing away on whatever elephants graze on.  And we ask ourselves “Where will we keep him?”  After all, we had forgotten there was no garage big enough to house an elephant.


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