My boy band, Will Ferrell in the ladies room dream

I’m at a big fundraiser, and need to use the restroom.  I find the ladies room, only to discover the doors to the stalls are cut off at the top and the main door doesn’t lock.  My first thought is, “What kind of place is this?” As I enter the stall…..a man comes in with his daughter.  He is quickly chastised by all the ladies in the restroom, since the stall doors are cut off at the top…who wants a man in there?  He is instructed to perhaps utilize the “family” restroom, or the men’s room, as both have changing tables.

He leaves, and we are like “Whew, what a relief.”  But…..suddenly the door swings open and under the stall door comes a “leprechaun”.  Only, it’s not a leprechaun, it’s Will Ferrell dressed as one.  I look at him and say “Really?  You come barging in to my stall dressed as a leprechaun?  Do you think you are that funny?  Well, I got news for you….it’s not funny to barge into a lady’s stall when she’s in the can!  And I can’t stand your movies!”

Then I go back to the bleachers where we were sitting, only now there is a boy band playing in front of the bleachers.  I find myself stuck behind them, with all their wires strewn around, equipment everywhere.  So, I had to go all the way around the back of the bleachers (we were sitting in the 2nd row) and come in from the other side.  Luckily, it was NSYNC, so it was worth the trouble, because I got to see Joey Fatone.


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