My Michael J Fox, Tom Hanks, Reunion Photo Dream

This is my dream about Michael J Fox, Tom Hanks, and a reunion photo op.

Michael J Fox was undergoing some new experimental treatment for Parkinson’s.  He gets this treatment, then has to lie flat in bed for several hours.  The treatment does have an awful side effect as it turns out.  His face and lips swelled up like a balloon, and his skin was bright red.   Someone brought one of his kids into the room, and had to be thoroughly convinced this was daddy.  The swelling was treated with ice packs, and he was then able to take a shower.

Cut to Tom Hanks…Tom is on a train (or bus possibly) on his way to an awards show.  Tom Bergeron from Dancing With The Stars is preparing a surprise by interviewing Tom’s wife and they teenage daughter (Does Tom Hanks even have a teenage daughter?).  At one point, Tom Bergeron asks the girl how her life is going.  “Well, right now it sucks” she responded.  And when Tom Bergeron asks why, the girl responds “Because you are sitting here asking me stupid questions when I could be having fun with my friends.”  Well, nobody is quite sure how to handle that scenario….so they say to me “Hey, you went to school with Tom, right?  Ask him what do we do?”  So, I am going to meet him at the train or bus station and on my way, everything changes and I am at this big hall where there is some sort of fundraiser going on.

My kids and I are working it, and it’s been going on all day.  I find out from someone that they are thinking of doing a reunion photo for an old neighborhood of ours.  So, as I am out scouting locations for this photo, I come across a few hundred people already having a picture taken.  (After I literally walked for blocks.)  Heck….we hadn’t even set it up yet, and there they were already…I have camera in hand, so I try to jump in with the crowd, and they are already done.

I then walk back to the hall, and round up everybody to go home…..I tell them all I am extremely tired from visiting Michael J Fox and Tom Hanks all day.

My Billy Crystal Movie About Rescuing Dogs Dream

Billy Crystal is making a movie about having a resort for rescued and retired working, show and hero dogs.  In the movie, I am screening the people bringing the dogs.  One dog is a yorkie named Fay, and another dog is an older Chinese Crested named Jasper.  Jasper is 12 years old, and has skin conditions.  Jasper was a hero dog, having saved his owner’s life once.  His owner just can’t treat his skin conditions anymore, as it has gotten too costly and he has not much time left.  So, he brought him to this resort so he can live out the rest of his life in comfort while getting the treatment he so deserves.

Jasper passes away eventually, and we have a service in the dog cemetery.  During the service someone tries to steal a couple of the dogs.  But, we catch him.  Lo and behold, it is my friend’s husband.

When I woke from my dream, I told my friend about this, and she said “Why in the world would he steal a dog?”  I said “Well, I don’t know why he would do that.  But, it was a dream about a movie, so perhaps he was an actor playing the part of a dog thief.”  She replied “Yeah….my sisters and I were extras in a movie once, and he was pretty jealous about that.”