My George Clooney owns a Pet Pharmacy Dream

I have to go to the new pet pharmacy in town to get my pets some medication.  It’s the grand opening, and when I arrive, there are several people waiting in line.  There’s a sign hanging that says “Out to lunch, be back in 1 hour”.  Everyone has been waiting for 45 minutes.  Amazingly, it’s all women.  So, I ask why didn’t they just go home and then come back later.  The response was “Because the owner/pharmacist is George Clooney!”  Well, of course I am thinking they are off their rockers.  But lo and behold, in 15 minutes the doors open and there is George, in a white pharmacy coat, with his pocket protector and pens in his pocket.  So, I say to him….”What on earth are you doing?”   His reponse…”I thought it was time for a change.”  So, he gets me my dog’s heartworm medicine, and I go on my way, fighting my way through the crowd of women, half of whom don’t even have pets.

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