My mutant superhero school dream.

I dreamed last night that I was attending a special school….for mutant superheroes. An announcement was made that they had found the “Viper” who would be arriving soon. Then, they brought in a panther, who was just a little bit pissed off because someone tried to trap it. Of course, I had to step outside because I thought something was amiss and needed to investigate. I believed this panther was indeed a ruse, sent in by the bad guys to infiltrate our school and wipe us out.
They had the panther taken to a special location. At that time, it was time to go home. The only problem was, I could not remember how to get “home” since I had just arrived to this town. So, myself and another gal are walking, and walking, and walking. We run across a young fella who is having a hard time maintaining his composure, and is fighting an urge to turn into something bad. We told him to go to his happy place. I then found a young man with wings, who had been accompanied by his two sisters, each one also being some type of bird. They had been hit by a car.
We continue on because I am trying to remember where I live. I have a key, and just start looking down streets. We came across some apartments and a boarding house. The lady wants to know if I need a room til the rain lets up. My plan is to just try my key in all the apartment doors until I find the right one. If unsuccessful, I will go rent a room.
At that point, I realize the other gal somehow has my id, and I need to get it back.

My Elephant in the Driveway Dream

We have to get somewhere…’s imperative.  There is a sick or injured grandchild that we have to pick up and get to the doctor, and then get back to the apartment I used to live in.  We can’t risk running out of gas in the car, or even getting a flat tire, so we have to take an elephant.  Yes, that’s right…an elephant.  Because, as we know, elephants can get through anything.

Our elephant is really big, and a bit stubborn, but we make it to our destination, get the grandchild, make it to the appointment and then back to the apartment where I used to live.  There I find my sister and my kids waiting.  The place looks the same, yet different.  I go upstairs to find my old neighbor, but she isn’t there.

Suddenly, we hear neighbors yelling….”There’s an elephant in that driveway!” I look outside, and sure enough, our ride is still waiting outside…tied to the tree, just grazing away on whatever elephants graze on.  And we ask ourselves “Where will we keep him?”  After all, we had forgotten there was no garage big enough to house an elephant.

My Criminal Minds, I Got An Apartment Dream

I dreamed I was in an episode of Criminal Minds.  It was a particularly disturbing episode.  I was playing a Doctor….a therapist of some sort for the department, but I also helped investigate.  At one point I was assisting Reed.  It seems he had been drugged and woke up in the morning with a character played by Lily Tomlin.  She claimed they had a one night stand, during at which time her friend went missing.  She had several texts stating as such.  Reed, of course, did not believe that he had any relations with this person, but did agree to assist her in finding her friend.  In the meantime, together we were going to work on finding out who this Lily Tomlin character really was and why she would claim such things.  Could it be that she was the one that drugged him?

Cut to having lunch with my sister when I get a page from Hotch regarding his son.  We have to go find him.  Eventually we do find the boy, and I end up counseling him and his dad both.  Whatever it was involved a man in a black sedan.  While I am counseling Hotch, a wealthy looking woman comes in demanding that Hotch goes to dinner with her.  She assumes I am his girlfriend and insists I must wear a dress if I am to attend.  I informed her I do not wear dresses, and I am not a girlfriend, but rather am a Doctor.  She insults my wardrobe, and my pierced cartilage on my ear, and says “What kind of Doctor dresses like that?”  I was wearing jeans, a tank top and a jacket.  She then says “If you do not wear a dress you will not attend with me!”  I said “Well, listen lady, I don’t know who the hell you are, but if you don’t like my piercing, you sure as hell won’t like my tattoos.”  I then told her I was a Psychologist and insinuated she should go screw herself, because nobody would want to do that for her.

Then, I am at an apartment, and the landlady shows up to collect the rent.  It was a very nice apartment, but I had no idea what I was doing there.  You see, I have a nice house already.  So, I explain to her there must be some mistake, because I have no clue why I am there.  She said “The rent is 600 dollars this month.”  I said “Well, come back later, when the people that really live here might be home, because I don’t even know where I am.”