My Michael J Fox, Tom Hanks, Reunion Photo Dream

This is my dream about Michael J Fox, Tom Hanks, and a reunion photo op.

Michael J Fox was undergoing some new experimental treatment for Parkinson’s.  He gets this treatment, then has to lie flat in bed for several hours.  The treatment does have an awful side effect as it turns out.  His face and lips swelled up like a balloon, and his skin was bright red.   Someone brought one of his kids into the room, and had to be thoroughly convinced this was daddy.  The swelling was treated with ice packs, and he was then able to take a shower.

Cut to Tom Hanks…Tom is on a train (or bus possibly) on his way to an awards show.  Tom Bergeron from Dancing With The Stars is preparing a surprise by interviewing Tom’s wife and they teenage daughter (Does Tom Hanks even have a teenage daughter?).  At one point, Tom Bergeron asks the girl how her life is going.  “Well, right now it sucks” she responded.  And when Tom Bergeron asks why, the girl responds “Because you are sitting here asking me stupid questions when I could be having fun with my friends.”  Well, nobody is quite sure how to handle that scenario….so they say to me “Hey, you went to school with Tom, right?  Ask him what do we do?”  So, I am going to meet him at the train or bus station and on my way, everything changes and I am at this big hall where there is some sort of fundraiser going on.

My kids and I are working it, and it’s been going on all day.  I find out from someone that they are thinking of doing a reunion photo for an old neighborhood of ours.  So, as I am out scouting locations for this photo, I come across a few hundred people already having a picture taken.  (After I literally walked for blocks.)  Heck….we hadn’t even set it up yet, and there they were already…I have camera in hand, so I try to jump in with the crowd, and they are already done.

I then walk back to the hall, and round up everybody to go home…..I tell them all I am extremely tired from visiting Michael J Fox and Tom Hanks all day.


My singing in church with 20 dollars and a photographer dream

My daughter and I walk into a church…it is completely flooded with water.  (Seems they are doing a mass baptismal.)  Of course, being petrified of water myself, I will not venture inside.  “I’ll drown!” I scream.  Suddenly, it was like someone pulled a plug and all the water was gone.

The preacher was a woman and she was dressed in long white robes.  She proceeded to lead the choir in a joyful rendition of “There’s a hole in the Bottom of the Sea” followed by “The 12 Days of Christmas”.

They then passed around a plate…not for the congregation to contribute, but to give each member something.  I found $20.00 in my envelope, and kindly asked what that was for.  The preacher answered “It seems the police department came into some extra money and gave it to the church, and I thought why not distribute it amongst our congregation?”

At that point, my daughter is feeling ill, so we must leave.  She goes out first, while I gather up our belongings.  I can’t find her, so I locate the stairs to go out, and instead of stairs, I have to climb down a ladder.  I finally find her outside, and instead of being outside the church, we are outside my old high school, where there is a photographer sitting in his car with a camera.  My daughter says “That guy took your picture out here years ago, and he stopped me and said he had to take my picture because I looked just like you.”   Then, we walked down the street, got on the bus and went home.


My working, city bus, cross dressers at the mall dream

I used to work in an independent drug store, which finally closed early this year, and that is where my dream begins.  I am there, helping the owner clean out the store before I go to my “real” job.  While on the way to my “real” job, I get a call from a former co-worker who tells me “I really miss you, but it’s all over facebook that you are getting fired and nobody is happy about it.”  So, in anticipation, I schedule an interview for a medical office, which is to take place at a shopping mall.  Interview scheduled for 10 am, however my car is in the shop, so I have to take the bus.  I have to walk about a mile to the bus stop and also to the mall from where the bus drops me off.  It is summer, but when I get off the bus, I have to drag my case on wheels through a mile of snow.  I arrive early and decide to go to Sears and check out their “store must close sale”.  While in there, I find my interviewer talking with a potential candidate for dr.  This guy is a younger version of Sylvester Stallone mixed with Robert Downey Jr.  While in there, I notice the floor in Sears is filthy, so I grab a broom and start sweeping away the mess.  Since I haven’t found any real deals at Sears, I walk around the mall to kill a little time.  About 2 stores down from the Sears, in front of the pretzel place  is a group of people…..They are all men dressed in drag and one has his face and beard painted smurf blue.   THAT is when my alarm went off.