My Amy Roloffin a camper at the mall with R Phillip Prince dream

Amy Roloff is in her new venue on the Roloff farm checking out the new sound system, when suddenly she breaks out into Pink’s “Just You and Your Hand Tonight”.  Then, she loads everyone into the big camper so that we can all make our way to the campground that is approximately 90 miles from where we were.

We drive and drive and eventually we end up at a mall in the middle of nowhere.  We are all walking around looking for the food court, which evidently does not exist anymore.  Some of us get separated and I find myself in JC Penney’s with my real life good friend and children’s author R Phillip Prince.  (Author of “Mouse in the Viking’s Beard”..check it out)  I say “Hey, Phil, do you know where everyone went?  We have to find that camper, lest we be stranded here forever.”  So, Phil, who evidently decided to get an ornery streak said “Yup, let’s go!” and starts running.  I try to keep up and finally track him through the furniture department, where he hid behind a chair.  He jumped out and yelled “Gotcha Taffy!”  I then chase him again down a hallway and through a door to the elevators, but can’t find him at all.  I yell “Come on Phil, this isn’t funny anymore!” and then go back out the door to see if I missed him.

In the meantime, Phil came through another door and couldn’t find me so hopped on the elevator to the 4th floor to find the camper.  I get on next elevator to try and catch up, for fear I am forever stranded at a JC Penney at a mall with no food court in the middle of nowhere.

Then, suddenly, I found myself awake walking into the bathroom.

Yes, I really dream this stuff…who could make it up?


My camping/guinea pig/Jimmy Stewart dream

Camping with the family, we put the tent up, and start going through the supplies only to find that one of the children packed their guinea pig in a little tupperware container.  Rather than let the little critter run loose in the tent, we have to go on the hunt for something to keep it in.  While looking for something, we come across my uncles and my brothers who are in a fishing boat on the lake, so we invite them to come on over to our site.

Not far from the tent we find a building which has storage areas, laundry facility, shower, dressing rooms.   While there we find an area which has shelves and racks and cages…which is perfect since we need one of those for the guinea pig.  We grab one and immediately house the critter, at which time I get a call from my old high school p.e. teacher.  The guinea pig is a bit nervous, so I have her sing it a song.

On the way back to the tent, we stop at a wooded area, where all my kids and their kids are at the playground.   They are making a video in which the grownups dress up in goofy outfits and act afool, reciting made up rap songs.

We finally get to the tent, and settle in for the evening.  The next morning, we go on up for a shower.  As I am getting ready to take my shower, the lock on the door disappears, and Jimmy Stewart comes walking through looking for his wife.

At that time, I decide it’s time to go, because this place is just too strange for me.  So we pack up and go home, only to remember there were people still sleeping in our tent and we forgot to grab the guinea pig.