The Church Upstairs, Carol Burnett Dream

I’m in a huge house, and getting ready to rent it out to a couple with some older boys.  The house used to have a small church upstairs.

While showing the family the house, one of the walls breaks apart, (due to the boys rough housing), and underneath the drywall/concrete is a beautifully ornate wall.  We can see upstairs through the top of the wall, and see several people in robes and gowns.  They are mostly older men with long hair and beards, but also a few women.  These people are in a room filled with huge shelves.  To the left of that room is a small room with an ornate chair and a table, and to the left of that room is a small chapel.  The older man with the long grey hair and beard comes down and asks for a pen.  Then, he goes back up to the upper level.

Also, I find that one of the doors is broken now, because the man of the family shoved his wife into the door.

I met Carol Burnett and told her about my story, and she thought it would make a great skit if we added the word adept throughout.  Afterwards, we walked around outside and I had to lock my purse and phone in the trunk of Carol’s car because someone was out stealing those at that moment.  Carol was in a purple jumpsuit.

Later, we got my purse and phone out of her car and went on our ways.

I can’t find my car on my last day of work dream.

I’ve had some really intensely disturbing dreams this week. Disturbing in the fact that I can’t figure out what in the name of Pete they were all about. (Whoever Pete is.)

Last night though…that was just plain weird.  I was visiting my niece, then someone found my coat at a bar, so I had to go and get it. From there I went to interview a pregnant woman who wanted to have her baby on a cruise ship.

Then I went to my parent’s old house to get my car for work. I got there, and it was 11:25 and I had to be to work by noon, but I could not find my car. In the midst of that, my mom had one of the great grandkids in the bathroom, and he pooped so bad she barfed.

I said “Just once, I’d like to be able to find the car I’m driving!” My dad asked me what was going on, and I said…”No matter what car I drive, it ends up missing, like someone moved it.” In this particular dream I was driving the Nova, which had been missing in real life since likely the 80’s. Dad said “Oh, someone finally found that? It’s got to run rough by now.” I said “Yup….I drove it here, and it’s a beast, but now I can’t find the damn thing and I have to be to work by noon.” By that time it was 11:45. So, Dad said “Well, luckily it only takes 10 minutes to walk to work from here.” Mom came outside after puking and said “Walk fast…don’t be late on your last day of work!”

Trudy Appleby Missing since August 21st, 1996

August 21st, 1996 a young girl named Trudy Appleby went missing from her home in Moline, IL.  She was last seen leaving her driveway in a grey/silver car with a male driver in his early 20’s with dark curly hair and a ball cap.  She was 11 years old.  She has never been seen or heard from since.  Trudy Appleby was my neighbor girl.  She was like one of my own kids. We lived in a good neighborhood, a safe neighborhood.

Trudy Appleby’s mother never gave up looking for her daughter.  She always held out hope that soon we would find her.  But, Trudy’s mother was worried that people would forget about her if this drug on a long time.  I promised Trudy’s mother that I would do my best to not let folks forget about her if it came to that.

Well, the days turned into weeks, the weeks into months and the months into years and the years into decades.  Trudy’s mother died in 2014 in a tragic accident never knowing what happened to her only child.

There have been leads and rumors abound since that fateful day in 1996, when a little girl seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth.  Recently, in August of this year, shortly before the 21st anniversary of her disappearance, a suspect was publicly named by the Moline Police Department.  The suspect is William “Ed” Smith, now deceased, formerly of East Moline, (Campbell’s Island)   A witness came forward to place Trudy with the suspect on the day she disappeared.

In October of this year, a search was made on Campbell’s Island after cadaver dogs detected the scent of human remains.  This was after another tip to the police.  While no human remains were found, some items were excavated and sent for processing.  Nothing has been made public about the findings at this time.

Trudy left her home with someone she knew, and met a terrible fate, never to return home.

Someone out there knows what happened to this little girl, and someone out there still knows where she is.  It is highly likely that she is no longer alive, and was buried somewhere by the perpetrators.  Someone knows what happened to her and someone knows where she is.  Her family, friends and everyone who has so diligently worked on this case for the last 21 years need to know where she can be found so we can lay her to rest.

Someone once commented that they were tired of hearing me talk about Trudy….she stated “This isn’t about YOU.”  No, it isn’t….it never has been.  It is about an 11 year old girl who never got a chance to be a little girl, or grow into an adult.  It is about a mother who died never knowing what happened to her only child. It is about a family and friends who have spent the last 21 years not knowing where she is, not knowing what happened to her.  It is about justice for Trudy Appleby.  It is about not letting anyone forget about her, and I will not stop talking about her until she is found.  Justice for Trudy! trudy flyer


My wedding, criminal, rental car dream.

Ok, last night I dreamed that I was taking photos at a wedding. Before the ceremony took place, the groom’s ex wife spoke, giving her approval and blessing to the union. After the ceremony, someone said there was a criminal running around loose. They thought he was in the church. So, the groom and myself went on a chase. We followed the trail of this guy through fields and woods into a clearing, where we found an elaborate set up of triangular shaped whatever the hell they were. Evidently, that was a trap, which we avoided. The criminal was found and caught, and the groom rented a car for himself, the new wife and the kids while I stayed behind and re-arranged all the plants. I swear, I did not eat cheese before I went to bed.

My “Daddy Got a New Mustang Dream”

We are all on vacation, staying with family.  Actually, our family is Mr and Mrs Brady…supposedly our parents.  By we, I mean myself and husband, my kids and grandkids, and my friend Theresa with her husband and kids and grandkids.  Evidently, we were all secretly Bradys.  Who knew?

But, Mr Brady (our Daddy in this dream) comes to us all excited because he found a blue Mustang on Craigslist.  It was being delivered that day.  They were coming all the way from Wisconsin with this car.  Well, my friend and I (sisters in the dream) said “Now, Daddy,. you can’t be too careful with Craigslist.”  Even though we had some sightseeing to do, we decided it best if we hung around just to make sure this guy was on the up and up.

A couple hours later, this big camper pulls up with a blue car in tow.  They unhook the car and take it into the 4 car garage.  This car is the most beautiful blue color we had ever seen.  Then we move to the inside.  Everything is covered in this blue fake fur….Everything….including the steering wheel.  There are speakers in the doors, speakers in the back, speakers in the dash.  The first words out of my mouth were….”Oh, how 1970’s”….The man from Wisconsin said it was from 1974 and was custom made for him.  His wife was tired of it, so she made him sell it.  Daddy paid 11 grand for it.  He said that was a bargain.

He jumped in, started it up, and man did that thing roar.  The guy got his money, Daddy got the title, the couple left in their camper, and Theresa and I went to find a pasta bar.


My haircut, car, ducati dream.

I am out of town for a presentation and need to get my hair trimmed.  Mind you, my hair is very short, so a trim is practically nothing.   I find a salon that can fit me in, and drive my shiny fancy black car.  (I don’t own a fancy black car in real life) to the salon, which is located in a busy shopping center.  The gal seems very nice and she trims not even 1/2″ off my hair…barely enough to warrant sweeping the floor.  Whilst she is trimming, my sisters walk in and sit at the back of the salon.  One sister doesn’t acknowledge me, while the other sister waves.  (Not a surprise)  I strike up a conversation and we reminisce about the days of our mother’s salon and the stripper that appeared there for her 55th birthday.  All is good until I get the total for my trim….$75.00.  I was livid…. “I am not paying $75.00 for a trim when I can get a color and complete haircut for $65.00 back at home! ” The gal informed me she was the manager and could charge whatever she wanted.  By that time, there were several people coming in for their appointments….droves, actually.  I turned around and informed them “If you are coming for a haircut, the going price is $75.00 for a trim….look at the floor.  THAT is what she is charging me for that little tiny bit of hair.”  Everyone walked out and I only had to pay $15.00.  Then, I can’t find my car in the parking lot, so I hit my horn button on my remote.  The horn goes off, but instead of my car I find I now have a Ducati complete with a sidecar. (In real life I own a Yamaha).