My shoes on the roof dream

Not long ago, I dreamed there were about 15 people squatting in the vacant house behind my back yard.  About 5 or 6 of those people were inside my yard, drinking beer and having a bonfire.  Of course, I promptly kicked them out of my yard.  They all retreated to the empty house, and were partying and dancing in the windows and were tearing down all the drapes.  They had thrown all their shoes on top of the roof.  And they kept jumping the fence to get back into my yard.  I immediately called the police, and the dispatcher said “Oh, I have never had a call like this before, so I will have to turn this over to the department that fills out paperwork…please hold.”


My Dancing with John Travolta Dream

I am in the living room of a house.  Along with me are my kids, my grandkids, and John Travolta and his wife.  Mrs. Travolta and I were chatting away when John asks if I remember when I understudied for Olivia Newton John in Grease.  My kids were stunned….they had no idea.  “Well, kids” I explained, “This is a well kept secret, but yes, I understudied for Olivia Newton John in Grease….the Sandy role.”  John’s wife said “Yes, it’s true…I have seen the footage and the pictures.”  So, of course we had to prove it to them.

John Travolta starts singing “You’re The One That I Want .” and we just went into the routine, right there in the living room.  Of course we are a bit older than back in the day of filming Grease, but man, does ol’ John still have the moves.

We get to the part where Danny picks Sandy up in the routine and my rings on my right hand (I wear a LOT of rings) get stuck in his shirt under his jacket.  So, John Travolta and I are just stuck together.  Sad day in my life.  Not really.



My Dancing with Senior Citizen Stars Dream

Kathie Lee is dancing with an unrecognizable bald headed, bearded old man and Burt Reynolds is teamed up with an unrecognizable “older” woman with brown hair.  They can’t do any lifts or flips, and they say ouch a LOT, but it’s for charity, so it’s all good.

As they are preparing for their dances (they are going toe to toe in a “dance off”) there are school desks everywhere!  Naturally, since I am responsible for the dance hall, I get some people together and clear a dance floor for them.  Also, I am running little toddlers off the dance floor as well.

As I am taking one toddler to his mother, an old man comes up next to me and tries to put his hand in my pocket.  I told him that was inappropriate and he should go into the other room before I slap the hell outta him. He leaves and I find out from someone else, he is only there looking for hookers.

After the dancing show, the hall turns into a library/dmv office.  You can check out books and get your tags for your car at the same time.  We are finding all these vehicle registrations laying around so we have to shred them.

No, I did not have cheese before bed.  Oh wait….there is cheese on pizza.  Dammit.