My Monkees/Costumed Intruder/Lost Dog/Taco Dream

So, I dreamed I knew The Monkees, and they (as young fellas) got booked at a biker bar in the South by an agent. I had to tell them it was a biker bar, and although I know some bikers who like the Monkees, this was likely not that kind of group. Their Agent told them it was a much different venue. The mister said “You know the Monkees?” I said “Oh, sure, I used to talk to them on the phone all the time.” So, while I was getting ready to tell them the clientele was not young teenie bopper girls, I was distracted by something in my daughter’s old room. I went in to find someone running out in this costume….wearing a furry stuffed animal head, with some sort of pillow case attached to where you could not see the arms. This person took off out the door, so I went to find him/her. Only thing I found was some dogs running loose in another neighborhood. A collie, a greyhound and a spaniel. When I got home, my sister Trish was here with tacos and flowers to take to a cemetery. And we were out of mountain dew.

Trudy Appleby Missing since August 21st, 1996

August 21st, 1996 a young girl named Trudy Appleby went missing from her home in Moline, IL.  She was last seen leaving her driveway in a grey/silver car with a male driver in his early 20’s with dark curly hair and a ball cap.  She was 11 years old.  She has never been seen or heard from since.  Trudy Appleby was my neighbor girl.  She was like one of my own kids. We lived in a good neighborhood, a safe neighborhood.

Trudy Appleby’s mother never gave up looking for her daughter.  She always held out hope that soon we would find her.  But, Trudy’s mother was worried that people would forget about her if this drug on a long time.  I promised Trudy’s mother that I would do my best to not let folks forget about her if it came to that.

Well, the days turned into weeks, the weeks into months and the months into years and the years into decades.  Trudy’s mother died in 2014 in a tragic accident never knowing what happened to her only child.

There have been leads and rumors abound since that fateful day in 1996, when a little girl seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth.  Recently, in August of this year, shortly before the 21st anniversary of her disappearance, a suspect was publicly named by the Moline Police Department.  The suspect is William “Ed” Smith, now deceased, formerly of East Moline, (Campbell’s Island)   A witness came forward to place Trudy with the suspect on the day she disappeared.

In October of this year, a search was made on Campbell’s Island after cadaver dogs detected the scent of human remains.  This was after another tip to the police.  While no human remains were found, some items were excavated and sent for processing.  Nothing has been made public about the findings at this time.

Trudy left her home with someone she knew, and met a terrible fate, never to return home.

Someone out there knows what happened to this little girl, and someone out there still knows where she is.  It is highly likely that she is no longer alive, and was buried somewhere by the perpetrators.  Someone knows what happened to her and someone knows where she is.  Her family, friends and everyone who has so diligently worked on this case for the last 21 years need to know where she can be found so we can lay her to rest.

Someone once commented that they were tired of hearing me talk about Trudy….she stated “This isn’t about YOU.”  No, it isn’t….it never has been.  It is about an 11 year old girl who never got a chance to be a little girl, or grow into an adult.  It is about a mother who died never knowing what happened to her only child. It is about a family and friends who have spent the last 21 years not knowing where she is, not knowing what happened to her.  It is about justice for Trudy Appleby.  It is about not letting anyone forget about her, and I will not stop talking about her until she is found.  Justice for Trudy! trudy flyer


My 414 Richmond Ave Dream

I had a dream last night that I had to drive to 414 Richmond Ave to meet up with my uncle Pat. For those that don’t know, that particular location holds a lot of great memories for myself and the rest of this family, as it was an intricate part of our lives. It was my grandpa’s house.
I rush in to find my Grandma Polly sitting in the living room waiting on Pat. “He’s running a little late.” she said. Suddenly, he comes running in the front door apologizing for his unusual lateness. It seemed he had been having a sleep study to find the source of his suddenly acquired, intense snoring. However, after hours of being hooked up to machines, and having experienced, very possibly, the least restful sleep he had ever had (after all, who can sleep hooked up to all that) he didn’t snore once.
He was wanting to show me all the changes done to the house. Off of the living room used to be a bedroom, and that had been turned into a 4 season room with big windows. The bathroom was still just off that room. The main bedroom at the front of the house was still there, but had a big chandelier in it.
As we walked down the hallway, he explained that the tenants were on their way back, and if anyone asked, his name was Harry Ashton, and grandma Polly was Nora Ashton.
We walked into the bedroom at the end of the hall, and much to my surprise found 2 cribs and a toddler bed all with sleeping babies. Then he showed me the main bathroom, which had been made much, much bigger. It had a shower and a jacuzzi type tub installed. suddenly I look up and realize an upstairs had been added, and there is yet another bathroom above us. I see water streaming down, like a waterfall. “Hey Mr. Ashton, is that water supposed to be coming down like that?” I asked. Well, no, it wasn’t, so that was something to notate for when the tenants arrived.
As we entered the kitchen, the tenants arrived, and the waterfall in the bathroom issue was discussed. The kitchen was all modernized and no longer had that red brick effect on the walls. Suddenly, there were 4 dogs at the back door wanting to be let out. As I go to let them out, 4 cats come out of nowhere, so I had to fight to keep them in. The yard was all fenced in, but someone had left a gate open, so 2 dogs got out. We go to catch them, only to find them across the street, and someone else was rounding up loose pets, because a fence had been cut. As I was going to grab the dogs, I was followed by another dog, a pony, a baby elephant and a lion.
I go back in the kitchen and realized I had to leave right away because I had to be to work in 4 hours and it takes me 3 hours to get home. So, I grabbed my Mt. Dew and hit the road.

My Billy Crystal Movie About Rescuing Dogs Dream

Billy Crystal is making a movie about having a resort for rescued and retired working, show and hero dogs.  In the movie, I am screening the people bringing the dogs.  One dog is a yorkie named Fay, and another dog is an older Chinese Crested named Jasper.  Jasper is 12 years old, and has skin conditions.  Jasper was a hero dog, having saved his owner’s life once.  His owner just can’t treat his skin conditions anymore, as it has gotten too costly and he has not much time left.  So, he brought him to this resort so he can live out the rest of his life in comfort while getting the treatment he so deserves.

Jasper passes away eventually, and we have a service in the dog cemetery.  During the service someone tries to steal a couple of the dogs.  But, we catch him.  Lo and behold, it is my friend’s husband.

When I woke from my dream, I told my friend about this, and she said “Why in the world would he steal a dog?”  I said “Well, I don’t know why he would do that.  But, it was a dream about a movie, so perhaps he was an actor playing the part of a dog thief.”  She replied “Yeah….my sisters and I were extras in a movie once, and he was pretty jealous about that.”

My Colorado, Magic Mike dance show, electric skillet, stray dog, smart car dream.

Here I am wide awake at 05:30 trying to make sense out of this dream that I woke up from an hour ago.
My friend B and I are driving to Colorado. After our 12 hour drive straight through we pull in to our destination, when we notice that the venue next to our motel is having the Magic Mike dancers, with special guest appearance by Channing Tatum AND they are having margarita specials. I said “Ya know….you seen one male dancer, you seen ‘em all. But……this is Channing Tatum.” So, we went.
Cut to the driveway of the house I grew up in. (Which, in real life, no longer exists…it is now a Walgreens.) We pull in and start unpacking the car and putting things in the garage. We unpack the electric skillet we borrowed, (that we took with us to fry potatoes in), and it was discovered that the cord wasn’t with the skillet. So now we must commence looking for the cord. As we are standing in the driveway looking through every piece of every article of everything we had packed away, we hear the sound of something dragging approaching in the parking lot across the alley. It’s a stray little white dog dragging his chain and just running to beat the band.
We get him into the yard, and finally are able to hook him to the dog lead in the yard. He has tags, but only rabies tags. Nothing with an owner of any kind. So, he hangs out with us for a while until we decide what to do.
Next door, we find a guy in a blue uniform. I find this odd, since that is not who used to live there. The folks that used to live there were a little odd, and liked to “collect” things. So, I said “Who are you? You aren’t the people that burned women’s shoes in the driveway.” Suddenly, we hear an awful noise and see a flash across the street behind the gas station. The guy in the blue uniform says “I’m the new maintenance man, and I just got paged that the doctor’s office across the street blew up, so I gotta run!” Then, we find the cord to the electric skillet, which gets returned to it’s owner. It was in a pocket in the inside of the back door of the vehicle.
We then decide it’s time to head back to our own homes, but instead of taking the regular route, we drive down John Deere Road headed in the opposite direction. We are headed west, and are in the left lane, when suddenly a vehicle in the right lane crossed the line and almost hits us. We catch up, and I lean out the window…much to my surprise the vehicle has transformed into a smart car. I flip em off and yell “Looks like your car is the only smart thing about you people!” Then I woke up. Perhaps I need to cross honey nut cheerios off my late night snack list.

My Bill Clinton/William Shatner/Leonard Nimoy/Work Dream

I’m at my workplace, during a conference and having a staff picnic.  There are 3 buildings on the grounds….the main tower, a conference building with a fireplace, nice leather furniture and tables, and of course a “break area” with tables, chairs, kitchen appliances, etc.

Something happens to a coworker’s child and she is rushed to the hospital.  While awaiting news of her child, she is told it’s an unexcused absence if she does not go back to her duties.  After testing and monitoring, it is determined the child is going to be fine.  With that good news, we go to the break area to finish our picnic.

While there, I am talking about a certain car commercial that pits the 2 Mr Spocks from Star Trek together, the original Mr Spock (Leonard Nimoy) and the new Mr Spock from the latest movie coming out.  Suddenly, Leonard Nimoy appears….he is wearing baggy old man pants and a teeshirt.  His hair is long and he is carrying his golf clubs.  After he gets there, in walks Bill Clinton, who says to me “Who do I remind you of right now?”  Then, in a blink of an eye, he turns into William Shatner going thru various phases of Captain Jim Kirk, from young to older.  He is giving Leonard a hard time about the commercial. At that point, Leonard Nimoy says “I always have been and always shall be your friend” and leaves to go play golf.

The party then moves to the conference center, where in front of the fireplace lie all my dogs…staring at me.  I said “How the hell did you guys get here?” And I wake up to find all my dogs in the bedroom staring at me.

Live long and prosper folks.