Completely made up groups and the hits they never made part 5

Kitty and The Duplicats

Their new album: Catnip and Furballs

Including these hits that never were:

Stop Pussyfootin’ Around

Put Food in My Bowl

Staring at You While You Sleep

Purring til I Bite You


Completely Made Up Groups and the Hits They Never Made part 1

Yes, these are completely made up in my own little mind.  I blame it on being chased by headless chickens as a youngster on the farm.

Corny Bitch and the Watermelon Whores:  With their album Pollinatin’ Rhythm, to include the chart bottoming songs:

Fornicatin’ Melons

Stay Outta My Rhubarb Patch

My Beans Are Green

Stop Mixin’ My Seeds

And….Big Balls of Bleu Cheese.