My Criminal Minds Bad Guy in the Yard dream

This dream starts off in a beautiful house, with a lovely front porch, big kitchen, living room, fireplace….you name it, it’s got it.  I am there with my family, and my bodyguard/boyfriend (or are we married?) Detective Hotch from Criminal Minds BAU unit.  Oh, and kids…there’s lots of kids in the house.

Suddenly, a news report comes on my lovely flat screen tv built into the wall of my kitchen.  There is an APB out for a man who kidnapped and killed an older couple and stole their camper.  He is suspected of being in our area and is armed and dangerous.

2 of the kids had just left to run across the block to go to a neighbors, so naturally when we saw this, I decided I needed to go get them.  On the way, I hear a muffled voice crying, and look to my right, and the suspect has one of the girls on the grass, his hand over her mouth.  He’s telling her to be quiet and he does not like to hurt children.  I yell to him “Hey, asshole!  You want someone?  Come and get me!”  So, he does, and he’s got a knife.  Well, it’s actually more like a sickle, since it’s a curved blade.  With it held to my head, and his arm firmly around my neck and shoulder area, we move to my porch and the front door.

He yells for Hotch….”Hotch…I got your wife!  You come to the front door, or I will cut her face up!”  Hotch tries talking through the intercom system first, but to no avail.  Finally he comes to the door, and ends up trying to take a shot, but the bullet would not penetrate the glass on the door.  (Damn bullet proof glass!)  We continue to stand outside the door, the sickle to my head.  Whatever he wants, he won’t let me go until he gets it.

I remember him telling the girl he doesn’t like to hurt children, so I use that to my advantage.  “You cannot hurt me, or kill me.”  I said.  “I have all these children to take care of.  There are 10 of them in there depending on me, the youngest of which is 1 year old.  If you hurt me, you will be hurting them.  Do you really want to hurt those 10 children?”  I kept driving that into his head.  Finally he said he would let me go, if he could get some food…he wanted supplies of what he called mood food.  He needed to feed his mood, and he needed to get out of there, so he wanted to be completely ignored, so he could go off in the camper and find more old people to kidnap and kill.

Just as I was prepared to enter the house, I hear a thud behind me.  He had been shot with a slingshot that another kid had, and  felled by a big rock to his back.  He was then hauled away by the BAU.

Inside, I got a card from Hotch, with 2 tickets to the mountains.  I saved a bunch of people that day, and I take care of all these kids so we were going away for a weekend.

Oh, life is good when you are married to Detective Hotchner.

Yes, I had cheese before I went to bed last night.



Way Back When on Christmas

Way back when, in my childhood, we had 8 kids growing up in our house throughout the years, and we didn’t always get a lot for Christmas, but we always got something. We did the whole milk and cookies thing, and mom would have us put carrots out for Rudolf. We’d watch the Santa Tracker on the news. I could never sleep on Christmas Eve, because I was sooo excited! We’d get up at the butt crack of dawn, and our mom would tell us it’s too early, go back to bed. Then I had my own kids, and there were times when they didn’t get a lot for Christmas, but they always got something. They did the whole milk and cookies thing, and I had them put carrots out for Rudolf. We’d watch the Santa Tracker on the news. I could never sleep on Christmas Eve, because I was so excited! They’d get up at the butt crack of dawn, and I would tell them it’s too early, go back to bed. Now my kids are grown, and Santa goes to their houses for their kids. I eat the cookies instead of leave them for Santa, and no more carrots go out for Rudolf here. I don’t watch the Santa Tracker on the news anymore. I still can’t sleep on Christmas Eve, and my grandkids get my kids up at the butt crack of dawn….and I finally get to sleep in on Christmas.

My Someone in the House Mysteries of Laura dream

I find myself right smack in the middle of an episode of Mysteries of Laura…I am watching the episode on scene but I am also playing the role of Laura.  (So I can see everything going on and see myself as Laura) First we start out with the babysitter….she shows up dressed in a wedding gown with her new hubby who is dressed in viking attire, complete with shield, and his girls are dressed like the Princess Bride.  As they are lecturing Laura about her child rearing skills, they immediately are let go.  Suddenly it is late evening, kids are in their rooms (1 girl 2 boys)….I hear someone in the house, so I grab my police issued weapon, and come up with a plan to communicate with the kids.  We say eachother’s names, well, except for the boys (they want me to call them toilet paper)…and the minute one of us doesn’t answer, the kids are supposed to let out a blood curdling scream.  I clear all the rooms, and get to the basement.  In the basement I find a woman sitting at a computer.  She tells me she has been hired by the man who is renting the room in the basement to fix his computer and she comes there once a week.  Immediately I call my (laura’s) boss/hubby/ex, whatever he is, and he says,  “Well, yeah, I rented the room to a guy named Ernie.”  He then goes on to explain that he forgot to mention that…so while I am arguing with him, the gal makes a beeline for the door.  Then, my tooth breaks.

My camping/guinea pig/Jimmy Stewart dream

Camping with the family, we put the tent up, and start going through the supplies only to find that one of the children packed their guinea pig in a little tupperware container.  Rather than let the little critter run loose in the tent, we have to go on the hunt for something to keep it in.  While looking for something, we come across my uncles and my brothers who are in a fishing boat on the lake, so we invite them to come on over to our site.

Not far from the tent we find a building which has storage areas, laundry facility, shower, dressing rooms.   While there we find an area which has shelves and racks and cages…which is perfect since we need one of those for the guinea pig.  We grab one and immediately house the critter, at which time I get a call from my old high school p.e. teacher.  The guinea pig is a bit nervous, so I have her sing it a song.

On the way back to the tent, we stop at a wooded area, where all my kids and their kids are at the playground.   They are making a video in which the grownups dress up in goofy outfits and act afool, reciting made up rap songs.

We finally get to the tent, and settle in for the evening.  The next morning, we go on up for a shower.  As I am getting ready to take my shower, the lock on the door disappears, and Jimmy Stewart comes walking through looking for his wife.

At that time, I decide it’s time to go, because this place is just too strange for me.  So we pack up and go home, only to remember there were people still sleeping in our tent and we forgot to grab the guinea pig.

Thoughts of a little girl.

Another year has come and gone, the search appears to be over, the news coverage is over.  Will another year go by without another mention of a missing girl named Trudy Appleby?  Please remember her every day, not just once a year in August.  Not a day goes by when I don’t think of her.
Thoughts go back to a day when a little spitfire of a girl appeared in our yard. What day it was exactly, I do not recall. Her name…Trudy. She lived down the street and wanted to know if any kids lived in our house. (Not shy, that one.) It did not take long for young Trudy to become a regular at our place, and it was not uncommon to look out the front door on any given day to see her skipping down the road to visit. She became very fast friends with my oldest daughter, and she was very good with my youngest daughter (who by the way adored Trudy). Trudy absolutely loved little ones. Trudy and my son on the other hand….they bickered almost like they were actual siblings, constantly teasing…. perhaps because they were so close in age. A more spunky little girl there could not be….full of life, sharp as a tack, full of love, and always and forever seeing the good in people. She wore a yin yang necklace all the time because she would say for all the bad in the world, there is more good. A special little girl, that one. Then, one day, as suddenly as she appeared, she disappeared. August 21, 1996 was the exact day I do recall and this left such a feeling I cannot describe. The entire neighborhood (who grew to absolutely adore this little girl) watched and waited…for something, anything. We looked out the doors, hoping to see “our girl” (as she is known to some of us) skipping down the road to visit. We looked everywhere we went, hoping to catch a glimpse of her, but that never happened. A big empty hole was left in our hearts, our neighborhood, our lives. Now, 16 years later, we are watching and waiting still, and thoughts go back to a day when a little spitfire of a girl appeared in our yard and such a feeling I cannot describe.
Remember the missing.
Trudy Appleby disappeared August 21,1996 from the Quad Cities area in IL.