Puppies and two of my favorite people

So, this past week has been interesting. It started with me puppysitting a litter of puppies for a couple of weeks. They are possibly THE cutest little puppies EVER. They are at the 4 week mark today, and so momma is spending a little less time with them, and I am spending a little more time. I change a lot of puppy pads (they do pretty good with those), and I get my ankles licked and chewed on quite a bit, but hey, it’s worth it because right now they are so much fun! After a stressful 10 hour day at work, they will put you in a good mood quickly. (Although I would probably not do this full time. lol )
It ended with seeing a couple of folks at the grocery store. While at HyVee I spied a couple down the other end of the produce section. I said “Oh, that looks like Mr and Mrs White…” And as I watched them walk, I thought to myself, “Oh, they are hunched over a bit….maybe it’s not them.” First of all, let me explain who Mr and Mrs White are. They are the parents of my first high school boyfriend. (My only high school boyfriend….as I was NOT a hot commodity with the boys back then.) They have always been 2 of my favorite people.
Lo and behold, as I am ready to walk out the door, here comes Mr White, and he smiles and says “I know you, but can’t remember your name.” I remind him and he says “Oh, feel free to stop by the house to visit anytime you are in the neighborhood.” Then I see his lovely bride, and she smiles and gives me a hug and says to her friend “This is Eric’s very first girlfriend from back in the day. She’s always been a sweet and lovely girl.” We run into each other off and on while out and about, and they always make time for conversation with me. They were always so kind back in high school, and 40 something years later, and they still are so kind to me. That is why they are 2 of my favorite people. So, I would say it was a fairly good week.


Mary E

There is an old cemetery that I like to visit with my camera.  Amongst all the many markers there, one stands all alone.  It is the gravestone of Mary E.   There is no date on the stone, but it appears to be quite old.  How old, exactly I cannot say, but the cemetery became part of the city here in 1872.  (Prior to that it was a private cemetery.)  It is adorned with what appears to be a rose near the top.  The stone of Mary E has been broken in half, perhaps from age, perhaps due to vandals.

I wonder who was Mary E?  Was she a farmer’s wife, a mother, a teacher or nurse, or perhaps an independent self sufficient woman?  Was she even old enough to have reached womanhood yet, or had she lived a good many many long years?

I picture a lovely woman with long flowing blonde hair, wearing a long puffy sleeved ivory blouse with a long grey skirt and ankle high boots that button up the side.  She sits at an antique  Singer pedal style sewing machine by the light of an oil lamp.  I feel as though she lived in an entirely different era, centuries ago.

How long has her stone been there,  standing alone, set apart from all the others?  She must have been as lovely as the flower engraved at the top and I hope that at some point, someone must have loved her dearly.

I don’t know who Mary E was, but she is an old soul and I am compelled to visit her whenever I go there.  miscellaneous kelly 6 044a

photo is my own work.