Completely Made Up Groups and the Hits they Never Made: Part2

Yes, another idea popped into my head about a completely made up group with hit songs they never made.  It was the chickens I tell ya.

Hairless Harriet and the Headless Chicken Chasers:

Stop Pluckin’ my Pussy Cat

I’ll Flap My Wings for You

Heads are not for Chopping

Don’t Make Me Shave My Legs for You

Completely Made Up Groups and the Hits They Never Made part 1

Yes, these are completely made up in my own little mind.  I blame it on being chased by headless chickens as a youngster on the farm.

Corny Bitch and the Watermelon Whores:  With their album Pollinatin’ Rhythm, to include the chart bottoming songs:

Fornicatin’ Melons

Stay Outta My Rhubarb Patch

My Beans Are Green

Stop Mixin’ My Seeds

And….Big Balls of Bleu Cheese.