My Dolly Parton in a Storm Dream

In this dream, my family is driving to our vacation spot in the Smoky Mountains, when suddenly, we are caught in this torrential storm.  It is raining so hard, and the wind is blowing so bad that I can’t see to drive, so we have to pull off the road.  We pulled off near a house, and knock on the door.  To our surprise, Dolly Parton answers.  I said “Dolly Parton?”  She said “Why, yes sugar, it’s me.”  I explained our dilemma and she graciously said we could ride this awful storm out with her.  She said it was gonna be a doozie of a storm, so we may want to bring in our belongings, because we may be staying a little while.  And boy was she right.  We stayed all day and all night.  She sang songs and read stories to the kids, and got everyone hooked up in the guest bedrooms.  The next morning she made bacon, eggs and grits for everybody.  Then, as soon as the storm passed, we got to tour her property, and then we were on our way with free passes to DollyWood.  It was a great dream.


My Walking Dead Let’s Ambush Negan Dream

Negan sends his troops out to get their acquisitions from Rick.  Little does he know they have planned quite the surprise.  I am on the inside of Negan’s camp tending to a little child.  Daryl Dixon and Jesus are on the outside.  We lure Negan to one of his warehouses, with Daryl on the roof making noises.  Once we get Negan into the warehouse, Daryl drops some smoke bombs and all the exits are locked.

Then…..Jesus starts playing “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” by Wham…over and over and over again.  Negan yells…”Make it stop!  I hate that song…make it stop!”  And in between the smoke and music distractions, I grab the little child and start running, because the troops are coming in.

We weave our way through the smoke as a giant truck carrying troops with their gas masks and guns crashes through a wall.   They are rooting out any left over Saviors that may be lurking around before they make their way to the being tortured by Wham version of Negan.  Negan is now just a fraction of the man he once was, crying, begging to stop the constant playing of that song.

We make it outside to another truck, and yes, they have room for me and the little child.  The troops have rounded up Negan and he is properly secured and they have saved him for Rick and Maggie.  As we are loading up the truck, we see Rick and Maggie and crew come out of a cornfield with nothing but revenge in their eyes as they head toward Negan’s containment.  Perhaps they will feed him dog food prior to seeking justice…..  To be Continued…..






The greatest man I ever knew

Lived at 414 Richmond Avenue.

LaGrange Park, IL was the town

Where this man so world renown

In the beautiful ballroom would entertain

When he wasn’t driving the Sante Fe Train.

He would play the guitar and he would sing.

When he tickled the ivories, he made them ring.

Friends and family would gather around

Just so they could hear the sound

Of the piano playing and the songs he sung.

I’d sit right by him, I was so young.

I was amazed and perhaps in awe

Of this great man, Harry Roland, my grandpa.

Sometimes he’d do little magic tricks,

I’d watch real close because he was quick.

Then I’d look at him and say

“Grandpa, how’d you do that anyway?”

And, of course, he wouldn’t tell,

Not wanting to break his magic spell.

He loved entertaining everyone.

He was so cool and so much fun.

I remember we went for ice cream one day,

We stopped at the bank along the way.

The teller said she’d like one too,

So he dropped her ice cream at the drive thru.

I guess, at heart, he was a big kid

Who enjoyed life and all he did.

But grandpa was also very wise.

I could always go to him for advice.

He lived life to the fullest, right up to the end.

He was my hero, confidant, friend.

Then one day my grandpa was gone.

He’d played his last tune, sung his last song.

He was very unique in his own way

And I love and miss him still to this day.

I carry his memory deep in my heart,

So we’ll never be truly apart.

And if I close my eyes I can see

Grandpa at the piano, singing to me.

Written by Taffy OKelly 5-17-1999

A night out with The Shield dream

The dream starts out with me and my biker friends at a bar for a pool tournament.  Everyone is having a great time until The Shield walks in.  (The Shield is a trio of wrestling renegades who claim to fight against injustice in the WWE.) They are all decked out in their wrestling garb which typically consists of black vests, black military style britches, black boots, etc.

Our first thought is that there must be a WWE show in town somewhere.  But they appear to still be in character….right down to their attitude and behavior.  Fans approach them and the trio immediately goes  into vigilante mode, threatening to take them down.  A couple of bikers tell them to knock of the rollplaying because they are not at the WWE now, and they should get out of character immediately before someone gets hurt.

The Shield then turns their attention my entire group of friends and a fight ensues, which moves to the outside.  The Shield against 3 bikers.  I need to leave, since one of the bikers is my hubby….but the only way out (due to the crowd trying to watch the fight) is through the Dr. office attached to this bar.  Luckily they are still open at 7 pm.  While outside, I can’t see anyone through the crowds of people, so I just keep walking.  Suddenly I hear music off to my left, and there on a porch is Roman Reigns (one of The Shield), hair cut down playing a guitar.  (He tells me he wears extensions for the shows.)

I walk back to the bar and enter again through the Dr office to find all my biker friends back, a little scraped up, but none worse for the wear.  The Shield is nowhere to be found.  To celebrate, we all go outside to watch a parade.  While out there, I see Roman Reigns and tell him….”Dude, this is real life, don’t let your character/wrestling persona cross over into real life, because that is crossing the line.  When that happens, it’s time to find another career path…You should really consider music, because I heard you play guitar.  Also, stop wearing those damn extensions…if you want long hair, grow it out.”

Then, the parade approaches… ends up being a fire truck, a bunch of people walking and a motorcycle cop….only about half block long, and they didn’t even throw candy!!!!