My “Daddy Got a New Mustang Dream”

We are all on vacation, staying with family.  Actually, our family is Mr and Mrs Brady…supposedly our parents.  By we, I mean myself and husband, my kids and grandkids, and my friend Theresa with her husband and kids and grandkids.  Evidently, we were all secretly Bradys.  Who knew?

But, Mr Brady (our Daddy in this dream) comes to us all excited because he found a blue Mustang on Craigslist.  It was being delivered that day.  They were coming all the way from Wisconsin with this car.  Well, my friend and I (sisters in the dream) said “Now, Daddy,. you can’t be too careful with Craigslist.”  Even though we had some sightseeing to do, we decided it best if we hung around just to make sure this guy was on the up and up.

A couple hours later, this big camper pulls up with a blue car in tow.  They unhook the car and take it into the 4 car garage.  This car is the most beautiful blue color we had ever seen.  Then we move to the inside.  Everything is covered in this blue fake fur….Everything….including the steering wheel.  There are speakers in the doors, speakers in the back, speakers in the dash.  The first words out of my mouth were….”Oh, how 1970’s”….The man from Wisconsin said it was from 1974 and was custom made for him.  His wife was tired of it, so she made him sell it.  Daddy paid 11 grand for it.  He said that was a bargain.

He jumped in, started it up, and man did that thing roar.  The guy got his money, Daddy got the title, the couple left in their camper, and Theresa and I went to find a pasta bar.