The Season of The Witch

With a sky so grey

And a wind that rustles through the trees

Leaves that fall upon the breeze

The trees turn bare

A silence fills the air

And though you cannot hear a sound

You can feel the spirits all around

As in this season of the witch

They all come out to play

written by Taffy OKelly

A White Sky

Outside I was met by a strange white sky

It was as white as the driven snow on the ground

And all around me flowed a deafening silence

Then from this white sky there came but one sound

A long, lowly distant song

From a lone bird in the big evergreen

His song was almost mournful

As he tried his best not to be seen

Wrapped in his blanket of green and white

High against a sky as white as the driven snow

His song ended and out of this strange white sky

The deafening silence again did flow

written by Taffy OKelly 3-23-2008