The S Word….written by TaffyOKelly

Out the window I take a fleeting glance
And by chance I happen to see
Beautiful fluffy flakes of white
Staring back at me
Like artful billowy pillows
Floating all around
Or sparkly little fairies
Dancing to the ground
And as I watch in amazement and awe
Of such a glistening sight
I can’t help but wonder
What in the hell is this shit?
snow what 2015 014

Ice Ice baby

Yo, I C E, lets salt it

Ice Ice baby

I’m sick of Ice Ice baby

All right stop

I’ve had enough this Winter

The ice is back & I’d rather have a splinter

Someone grab hold of me tightly

Before I fall on the ice & land on my hiney

Will it ever stop

Egads I hope so

Be careful outside and walk real slow

The city is out of salt, it’s a scandal

Oh how I long for spring & my sandals


But don’t do it outside

Cause your bum will hurt if you fall on the ice

I don’t love it, I hate it

Will it ever go away

It better melt soon

That’s all I can say

It’s a slippery problem

And the city can’t salt it

I’m headed outside and hope I don’t fall-it’s

Ice Ice baby

I’m sick of Ice Ice baby

A White Sky

Outside I was met by a strange white sky

It was as white as the driven snow on the ground

And all around me flowed a deafening silence

Then from this white sky there came but one sound

A long, lowly distant song

From a lone bird in the big evergreen

His song was almost mournful

As he tried his best not to be seen

Wrapped in his blanket of green and white

High against a sky as white as the driven snow

His song ended and out of this strange white sky

The deafening silence again did flow

written by Taffy OKelly 3-23-2008