My Someone in the House Mysteries of Laura dream

I find myself right smack in the middle of an episode of Mysteries of Laura…I am watching the episode on scene but I am also playing the role of Laura.  (So I can see everything going on and see myself as Laura) First we start out with the babysitter….she shows up dressed in a wedding gown with her new hubby who is dressed in viking attire, complete with shield, and his girls are dressed like the Princess Bride.  As they are lecturing Laura about her child rearing skills, they immediately are let go.  Suddenly it is late evening, kids are in their rooms (1 girl 2 boys)….I hear someone in the house, so I grab my police issued weapon, and come up with a plan to communicate with the kids.  We say eachother’s names, well, except for the boys (they want me to call them toilet paper)…and the minute one of us doesn’t answer, the kids are supposed to let out a blood curdling scream.  I clear all the rooms, and get to the basement.  In the basement I find a woman sitting at a computer.  She tells me she has been hired by the man who is renting the room in the basement to fix his computer and she comes there once a week.  Immediately I call my (laura’s) boss/hubby/ex, whatever he is, and he says,  “Well, yeah, I rented the room to a guy named Ernie.”  He then goes on to explain that he forgot to mention that…so while I am arguing with him, the gal makes a beeline for the door.  Then, my tooth breaks.