My Copacabana, Lola, Jeff Goldblum and Matt Roloff dream. What you think of this one Troll?

Well, I hope my Troll enjoys this dream. Let me start out by saying that I actually heard Copacabana by Barry Manilow on the radio on my way home from work yesterday. That is, no doubt, what prompted this dream.

Lola had to give up being a showgirl at the Copacabana because she got knocked up. Tony was out of the picture, and Rico wasn’t talking, so she was left on her own and in a family way. Jeff Goldblum, however, loved Lola and decided to take her in.

Cut to a documentary about how daddy birds cradle the baby eggs in their beaks.

Cut back to Jeff Goldblum and Lola. Jeff and Lola end up getting married and Jeff adopts Lola’s baby. I’m at the house, and there’s lots of people there. I need to get showered and ready for the big party that Jeff is throwing for the baby’s birthday. I find the bathroom, and it’s so tiny! The door leads to the outside, and there’s barely any room to turn around. It’s like a porta shower bathroom really…with a window and shower curtains that don’t really fit. I finally get ready and head out of the bathroom.

Jeff Goldblum is outside at his grill/smoker contraption getting ready to cook a big bird. The property is next to a big body of water, and I look out the window and I see a little submarine come up…(it’s a red submarine)…and out of the hatch pops Matt Roloff. He was making a delivery of some special chips that Jeff ordered off his website. Jeff was going to use them to coat the bird so it would be crunchy.

The party commences, and everyone has a good time. But…..after the party on the patio at the house, Lola asks everyone to go with her as she has a surprise. See, Lola had been taking dance lessons after the baby was born…she spent $75.00 on dance lessons…to get back into shape. She was asked to appear on stage at the Copa’s 30th anniversary party. Jeff was a bit upset, but then I said “Dude…it’s not like she’s been sneakin’ around with Rico or anything.” So he was cool with it.

Oh…a troll.

Seems as though I have a troll. And I don’t mean a doll. So this is going to be a very serious post. I know a little girl who was abducted 25 years ago. Her name….Trudy Appleby. She disappeared from her Moline, IL neighborhood August 21st, 1996 never to be heard from or seen again. Someone googled that and found one of my blog posts about Trudy. Someone decided to actually seek me out in real life…and must have gone to a lot of trouble to do so.

I also blog about my dreams. Most are weird, but funny, and even ridiculous. There are a handful where I solve “crimes” or rescue people. There are some where I am a superhero, or working on television shows. That’s because I watch some crime shows and superhero movies. This person that sought me out asked if I had written a blog about Trudy Appleby, so I asked if she knew of Trudy.

This person then went on to accuse me of writing about killing children and luring children into the woods because some of my dreams involve kidnapping. Well, gee…let me think….perhaps that’s the dream where Burt Reynolds was kidnapping people to help take care of sick dogs he took from bad owners. Or perhaps it was a dream where I was a member of the BAU and actually saved a bunch of kids. Oh, wait…maybe it was a dream about Hansel and Gretel and the witch and I defeated the witch.

Some of my dreams have meaning…some I have no clue what they are about…some are because I ate cheese before I went to bed. This one had meaning: Once, I had a dream about an old man who died and left a note that he killed a girl and buried her in his yard. Not long after that, they announced the main person of interest in the Trudy Appleby case….William “Ed” Smith, who was indeed now deceased. A witness placed her with him in his car the morning she disappeared. That dream was Trudy trying to tell me something…. She was like my own child.

I DO NOT advocate for kidnapping and killing children. Especially when I have a missing child. My dreams are nothing more than dreams….If you don’t like them, don’t read them…but DO NOT seek me out and try to accuse me of promoting the kidnapping and killing of children.

Me and the guy from the show Castle dream

Last night I dreamed I was in a tv show with the guy that played Castle. I’ve never even seen that show. Anyway….I was playing the part of his wife, and there were 2 children, a little blonde toddler and an older girl.

He got keys to a new house….”It’ll be great” he said. The lady was supposed to meet us there. He makes a call and tells the person on the phone that he’s given up the spy business, and just wants to live a regular life with his new family. We get to the house, and the lady is waiting on the front steps. It’s already furnished, and it’s all ours. Then she informs us that she’s waiting on family from Pennsylvania to come get her but said to go on inside.

Oh my was that house beautiful. Beautiful textured painted walls, a big kitchen, a big living room with gorgeous furniture. The upstairs had a tv room at the top of the landing, a family room in the middle, and in the front of the upstairs was this nice long bedroom. Across the hall from the 2 big rooms were 2 other bedrooms. But…the master bedroom had people sleeping in it. Seems they were also waiting on the Pennsylvania family to arrive so they could all leave together. Then I remembered I left groceries in the trunk, so we got those out, went to the kitchen and found someone cooking ham on the stove, which was turning blue/green.

We took a seat in the main living room, and waited for the Pennsylvania crew to arrive, which they did. In the meantime, the kids had to nap on the sofas, and we had to worry about washing the sheets from the 2 people sleeping in the bed.

Beer Can Collections: I don’t get it.

Starting to clean some stuff out in preparation of the carpet install on Saturday. I am currently working on the beer can collection cabinet. I have to admit, I’ve never quite understood the whole beer can collection thing. I was chatting with my sister, and neither of us have ever quite understood that. It’s not like women collect cans of vegetables, fruit or soup. Can you imagine if we did? “Here’s a can of Libby’s creamed corn from 1968, and here’s a Campbell’s Cream of Celery from 1955. Oh, and over here is a can of Green Giant green beans from 1982. Oh, and let’s not forget this can of Del Monte bartlett pears from 1911.”

My Spock, Saving the World, Michael J Fox, Getting a New Car Dream.

Last night I dreamed that Spock was keeping a creature locked tight in a container in a basement. The creature could not get out because if it did….it would get into everyone’s mind and make them do things to destroy the planet. Well…the lock broke. Guess who was the only one around? Yup…this girl right here. I had to hold the lid down, and radio for help. Spock arrived, and with help, fashioned a new lock system. We then went upstairs, where I told a joke and made Spock laugh. He then asked me to go out on a date.

Then I needed a new car, so I traded my Ford in on a nice little burgundy Chevy. I then met with a bunch of people at a long table, and showed them my car. During this meeting, I had to take the bank deposit to the bank, and people kept cutting in front of me. I said “Hey, what am I, chopped liver?”.

Once back from the bank, we were informed that Michael J Fox got a subliminal message sent to him to take a baby dinosaur to a gully by some woods. There were aliens and monsters there waiting to eat the dinosaur. I then walked through a downtown area, only to hear people talking about their plan to kidnap young people by telling them they were being recruited to sell magazines. They would then lure them to the gully in the woods. I had to warn someone.

I walked into the first building that I could find open. It was an organization that provided services (counseling, meals, etc) to low income or homeless people. While there, I talked Michael J Fox out of taking a baby dinosaur to the woods. Then, the suspected kidnappers came in trying to recruit people, so we successfully stopped one, and followed the rest to the gully in the woods. We rescued the good guys, and took the bad guys back to Spock so he could lock them with the creatures that get into everyone’s mind.

My kidnapping, stolen items, save old dogs, Burt Reynolds dream

In this dream, I’m at work with an old coworker. We found that some things have been stolen…money from the office, food from the fridge, Christmas decorations from inside and outside. We had also heard that people were going missing, along with dog treats and Christmas decorations around the vicinity. So, we decided we would conduct surveillance.

I went outside to set up cameras and I was facing behind the building. To my left, there are a line of trees, with a big field behind the building and another line of trees. I could feel someone watching me from the treeline back in the field. It was then I caught a glimpse of someone in the trees, but couldn’t make out who.

Since most of the shenanigans were going on after business hours, my coworker and I decided we would set up in a little shop across the street and watch. We saw someone outside the building get hit on the head and dragged off, but couldn’t make out by who. That person got taken out back into the field where all the trees were. We also learned that the dog bakery was broken into.

The next morning, we set out to find the place these people and things were being taken to. We make the trek across the field, and we find a very out of place covering of evergreen, complete with Christmas decorations. We moved some of that back to find the entrance to a very primitive looking, but intricate home. It was like that of a hermit. There appeared to be nobody there, and so we went inside. Upon entering, we found a conveyor belt filled with all kinds of homemade dog treats, 2 refrigerators filled with stolen food from the break room, and 2 or 3 people…one being a vet tech. She told us that this person was taking people’s old or sickly dogs, and older dogs from shelters, because the person believed that the owners/shelters weren’t doing enough for these old dogs. Of course, now that he had all these old dogs, he needed people to take care of them and prepare special food and dog treats. So, he would stalk people, and bang them over the head with a frying pan, and drag them back to his hidden hideout. The bothersome part is….some of these old dogs had already died, and they were in freezers.

We convinced the vet tech to come with us, and we loaded up some things in the trunk of my car to report to the authorities. She said we had to hurry, because he’d be back soon. Once we got everything we needed in the car, we hid her in the back seat. My coworker called the authorities. Suddenly, we heard something from around back of our work building, underneath a tree in a chair. It sounded like someone singing. It was Burt Reynolds….and he was singing The Gambler by Kenny Rogers. Could it be that Burt was indeed the one taking the old dogs, treats, and people to this hidden hideout?

It was decided that I strike up a conversation with him, and so I said “Hey Burt….that’s a pretty good rendition. I didn’t know you could sing.” As I kept him engaged, the authorities were at the hideout rescuing the other couple of people (one of which was related to old Burt), and helping to reunite the surviving old dogs with their owners.

My practical joke, fundraising, murder scene, tornado dream

So, last night I dreamed I was part of a practical joke show, and went to someone’s house with a Donald Trump impersonator, and the people ended up punching him. He was like “Dude…it’s a practical joke show…you actually won something big…don’t punch me anymore.”

Then, I was doing a fundraiser with my daughter for some church or something, and I had to go out on a crotch rocket with this handsome man who spoke Spanish (Looked like young Antonio Banderas). I lost his pen.

We then ended up in a building looking for an office, and came upon a room that had been a crime scene. We were looking for anything out of place, or for traces of blood on the walls, when someone told us we had 6 hours to come up with a new fundraiser.

As I walked outside, there were 3 funnel clouds above me, and my Spanish speaking motorcycle dude was nowhere to be found, so I had to walk. I went into my mom’s old Beauty Shop, which is now part of the old Metro Lab building, (histology department) and told everyone to take cover, because there was a tornado coming. After the tornado, I was back home, with little kids in the front room, and there was a white dog and a doberman pup at my front door.

My Going Camping Dream

Last night I dreamed some friends and I were going camping. First I stopped at the folks, to make sure I had enough stuff. While there, the special guest in the middle living room wanted a sandwich, so I made him one. Mom was making a roast, so she had me put roast on his sandwich.
Before the camping trip, we wanted to make a sign, so I had to go to the mall. I didn’t have my car, so I took the bus. Someone I didn’t like was getting on the bus, so I had to cover my face with my hat. After arriving at the mall, I found I no longer had the stuff for the sign. While trying to figure out what happened to that stuff, I saw my friend Theresa going into the mall, so naturally, I hollared and we started talking about my camping trip.
Suddenly, Donald Trump appears on a bus bench and tells us “The Turtle is going to win, because he’ll be the best looking. As unfortunate as that is, it’s true.” He then gripped his ride side, began moaning in pain and belching. As Theresa and I were going through the anatomy on the right side, The Donald disappeared.
Then, on my way to the campground, I stopped at a pharmacy. They desperately needed help, so I jumped in and helped them. Afterward, I went to my camping trip. While camping, there was a baby sleeping with me, and when I woke up, I couldn’t find the baby.

The Baby in my House Dream

Last night, I dreamed there was a baby in my house.  This baby wasn’t just any baby, mind you.  This baby was mine, which totally shocked me, since I’m over 60.  In my dream, I couldn’t help but wonder how on Earth I had a baby at my age.  My mind started racing since I have nothing, and I mean nothing for a baby anymore.

All my grown up kids came by and looked at this cute little bundle of joy…this little blonde baby girl…and asked where she came from.  Still in awe that I was even holding this little baby, I said “Hell, I have no clue, she just appeared.  I found her in my room in a box.  What am I going to do with a baby?  I have no baby things….” So I started telling them what I needed and putting them in charge of finding things.

First thing I needed….a proper rocking chair.  Poof, one appears in the front room.  Then, I needed bottles, and diapers.  Someone brought those in the house.  Suddenly, I realize I have no crib, and she’ll have to sleep in a laundry basket.  So, my husband says “I’ll take the car and go find a crib.”  To which I reply “You are not taking my car…you have no driver’s license.”  Then, I look out the window and notice all these big trucks outside, and the neighbors are racing go carts up and down the street.  I opened the door and yelled, “I found a baby in my house and I have no crib….this baby needs a crib!”  Well, one of the guys in one of those big trucks went to find me a crib.

Suddenly, poof, my old bassinet from when I was a baby appeared in my front room.  I shouted with amazement, because my bassinet had long since passed on to bassinet heaven.  Then, I look off to my right, and there’s a changing table.  Poof, appeared out of nowhere.

I then tucked this little baby in the bassinet, and put that bassinet next to my bed, where the box I found her in had been.  I laid down in my bed and went to sleep.  I woke up from my dream, expecting to find a baby in a box…but all I awoke to was my new puppy with his bell on his collar running into my room.